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2007 Honors Theses

2007  Bounds, Sarah B. 

Palaces and palace compounds among the classic period Maya in the central and northern Maya lowlands

2007  Clade, Tiffany M. 

What makes a successful invader? : comparison of the exotic, invasive vine Lonicera japonica and its native congener Lonicera sempervirens (Caprifoliaceae).

2007  Hays, William Scott. 

Terrorism and market response : evidence from the long term effects of the September 11th attacks on the airline industry.

2007  Herman, A. Camille. 

A study on the effect of parents' authoritative parenting behaviors on the emotional intelligence of their emerging adult children.

2007  Lasoski, Rebecca Clare. 

Helen Przerchadski Lasoski: from Nazi persecution to Southern hospitality.

2007  Matte, Kristen. 

Early eighteenth-century journalism and the female voice : the Female tatler and the table of fame.

2007  Mixson, Rachel Robards. 

Discrimination in nineteenth century Spain : a critical analysis of Federico Garcia Lorca's Yerma.

2007  Mixson, Susan. 

Francisco Goya : witness of Spain.

2007  Morgan, Mary Margaret. 

The rise of kingship in the Northern Maya lowlands.

2007  Rose, Claire Elise. 

Determining the potential for direct recharge in the Mississippi River alluvial aquifer using soil core analyses, Washington County, Northwest Mississippi.

2007  Sanford, Jessica Carter. 

A business plan for the Else School Center of Business and Culture.

2007  Sugar, Miles. 

Reactions of soluble single-walled carbon nanotubes with singlet oxygen.

2007  Wilbourn, Ashley. 

Nancy McDougall Robinson : ayoung bride, plantation mistress, and iron magnolia of the Mississippi Delta.

2007  Yargo, John. 

Aesthetics and the man.