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2008 Honors Theses

2008  Boettcher, Jack

Minding the borderlands : Cormac McCarthy and the question of geography.

2008  Carlsson, Bjorn

Outwitting the half-lying oracle.

2008  Cooksey, Erika


2008  Curry, Bentley Woods

Synthesis of novel organic molecules with specific DNA binding and cleaving properties.

2008  Derrick, Meaghan A

The infant mortality rate in Mississippi : a cross-sectional analysis by race.

2008  Doherty, Kyle

Jose Marti's spiritual battle for modernity.

2008  Elliott, Erin 

Shallow seismic reflection imaging of the Penitentiary Fault and its association with the Commerce geophysical lineament, Tamms, Southern Illinois.

2008  Giurintano, Jonathan Peter

Synthesis of novel DNA-cleaving reagents.

2008  Hamblen, Hillary

Unlovability : self hatred in the contemporary fiction of Toni Morrison, Dorothy Allison, and Khaled Hosseini.

2008  Harmon, Holly E

Women's roles through surrealist eyes : interpretations of the female experiences by Women surrealists.

2008  Kellogg, John Alexander

An analysis of implicit and explicit stigma towards people living with HIV/Aids.

2008  Rigney, Debbie A

Determination of the molecular weight of renal hyaluronan and its function in the kidney.

2008  Samson, Jessica

The adjustment of predator avoidance by the convict Cichlid, Archocentrus nigrofasciatus (Perciformes: Cichlidae) to the intensity of familiar and novel olfactory alarm cues.

2008  Sledge, James Justin

Hybridity, mimicry and commodification : identity and messianic Judaism.

2008  Spell, Brenna Corinne

Testing the pure expectations hypothesis : the accuracy of the short-term treasury bond.

2008  Sugar, Terrel

Characterization of the effects of kin3 deletion on Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

2008  West, Chelsi Amelia

Mic check, one two, one two : globalization, cultural transfer and the production of hip-hop identities in Tanzania and Albania.

2008  Zagone, Ryan P

Analysis of externalities on the Jackson, MS housing market : impact of school performance and racial composition.