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2012 Honors Theses

2012 Banta, Travis Bruce

Analysis of the effects of SNXA(HRB1) on CDC2/CYCLINB activity and CYCLINB localization in Aspergillus nidulans.

2012 Boyett, Phillip Lee

Mickey Mouse conquistador : Disney's ambivalent conquest of Yucatâan.

2012 Brechtel, Teal M

YhjX regulation and the acid resistance system of Escherichia coli.

2012 Brignac, Kelly

The Louis XIV of Louisiana : French Creole interpretation of French culture.

2012 Crow, Jesse Melinda

Risky business : how the media perpetuate the risk society ; a case study of New York Times coverage of the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon oil spills.

2012 Davis, J. Nate

Post Pleistocene expansion of two North American tarantula species is supported by ecological niche models and phylogenetic analyses.

2012 Dixit, Cheshil Prashant

Localization of Apergillus nidulans SNXA(HRB1) throughout the cell cycle.

2012 Drummond, Sue Carrie

Generational anecdotes.

2012 Galicki, Oliver Clement

Development of an emergency medical services education management application.

2012 Gilchrist, Whitney M

Calling from the icebergs : creative and analytical work in contemporary American fiction.

2012 Goel, Sameer

Introducing spirituality through Eastern meditation and yoga techniques in a college population : a look at the psychological effects in a mind/body techniques class.

2012 Habers, Andrew Richard

Student volunteer tracker.

2012 Jourdan, Molly Elizabeth Kelley

Ecology of Plethodon websteri highton (Claudate: plethodontidae).

2012 Lammons, William Bishop

Putting your valvula on the pulse of the city : transnationalism, ritual, identity, and politics in the graffiti of Mâerida, Yucatâan.

2012 Rick, Chelsea

Epigenetic markers of the serotonergic system in a rodent chronic stress model : examining the extent of methylation of 5-HT1A in the prefrontal cortex of stressed and home cage control rats.

2012 Rocker, Kailey

Promoting and conserving the cultural heritage of Drisht Castle, Shkodra, Albania : the local stakeholder's perspective on cultural heritage management.

2012 Short, Kaitlin

Examining the relation between anxious and depressive symptoms and sexual promiscuity in the college population.

2012 Tarbox, Allison

A test of Sternberg's law in the Pascagoula River system.