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Lab Procedures

Department of Modern Languages


All students using the Language Laboratory must do the following:

On entering the Language Laboratory:

  1. Give your Millsaps Student ID to the Lab Assistant.
  2. Sign the Lab Log
  3. Let the assistant know if they need to record your time as part of your course grade.

Before you leave the Language Laboratory:

  1. Sign out of the Lab Log
  2. Pick up your Student ID from the Lab Assistant.
  3. Ask the Lab Assistant to punch you out if your time is being recorded as a part of your course grade.

If time spent in the Language Laboratory is to be reflected in your course grade, you are bound by the Honor Code to accurately report Lab Time. This means that you will do required lab assignments (not other work) during the time that you are signed in to the lab. If you have any questions regarding your lab grade, please contact the Language Lab Director.


Lab Rules

  1. Be kind to the equipment.
  2. No food or drink allowed in lab. Not even water. Food and drink items are to be left in the bins.
  3. No umbrellas. Umbrellas are to be left in the hall.
  4. Students are bound by the Honor Code to accurately report Lab Time to be counted towards the Course Grade. Sign in using your course number only if you are completing lab assignments while in the Language Laboratory. Else, write NO CLASS in the Lab Log under COURSE NUMBER.
  5. Cell phones are not to be used in the lab.
  6. Headphones must be used with Lab equipment at all times.
  7. You are required to comply with any instructions that the Lab Assistant may give regarding noise, behavior, or acceptable items in the Lab. The Lab Assistant has the right to eject you from the Lab if you refuse to comply with his/her requests.


For more information, please contact the Modern Languages Lab: langlab@millsaps.edu