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Department of Modern Languages


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Associate Professors:

  • Priscilla Fermon, Ph.D.

    Dr. Priscilla Fermon teaches elementary, intermediate and advanced French grammar, composition and literature. She also teachers courses on French culture and civilization. 

    As a child of immigrant parents, Fermon has always been attracted to foreign languages. Her parents sailed to Ellis Island and learned English in New York public schools although they continued to speak Yiddish at home. New York City has residents from all over the world who speak in languages Fermon cannot identity but loves to hear. 

    In junior high and high school, both of her parents and older brothers studied French. Consequently, that was the language she chose to study too. The moment Fermon's seventh-grade French teacher, Mrs. Angert, walked into the class and said "Bonjour," she fell in love with French and that French language love affair continues to this day. Fermon is a devoted advocate of foreign language learning illustrated by her passionate teaching and devotion to her students.


  • Ramón Figueroa, Ph.D.

    I teach in the Modern Languages Department, where I have had the opportunity to give courses in all levels of languages as well as all areas of Latin American and Spanish literatures, cultures and civilizations. In addition, I have taught courses on European early views of the Americas and introduction to Latin American Studies. In my language courses I try to get students to communicate without getting too concerned about grammatical perfection. The confidence they gain by doing this helps them have a better experience in class and in more advanced classes, if they decide do so. To all my classes I bring a wide variety of experience as a person who migrated to this country many years ago, which helps me understand my students’ struggles in learning or perfecting a foreign language. I also have a great range of interests such as film, popular culture, visual arts and music, and this helps me engage my students in the development of their own interests. I enjoy teaching because shaping minds, no matter in how small a way, is one of the greatest services to the future a person can offer.


  • Dr. David Wood, Ph.D.

    Dr. David Wood joined the Millsaps faculty in the fall of 2014 after teaching at Lyon College for nine years. He is currently an associate professor of Spanish and chair of the Modern Languages Department. 

    At Millsaps, he teaches a range of courses from introductory Spanish to Peninsular literature and Hispanic culture and civilization. He earned a doctorate in Hispanic languages and iteratures from UCLA in 2005. He is currently writing a book on restoring literary value to Azorín's works and co-editing a critical edition of the Gaucho Martín Fierro for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. His articles on Azorín have appeared in Anales de la literatura contemporanea, Philological Review, and in Azorín, Los clásicos redivivos y los universales renovados. Wood has traveled widely throughout the Spanish-speaking world.


Assistant Professors: