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Language Requirement FAQ


Three semesters of foreign language study (or the equivalent) are required for all students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree, as described in the Millsaps College Catalog as follows:

Language proficiency at the intermediate level of an ancient or modern foreign language as demonstrated by completion of a 2000-level course taken at Millsaps, or the equivalent. (The number of hours required to complete this requirement will vary from 0-12 depending upon language placement.) Students who wish to take courses or show proficiency in a language not regularly offered at Millsaps may do so at another college or university at their own expense. All language courses taken at another institution must be pre-approved by the Records Office.
Note: foreign language proficiency through the 2000-level is a requirement for all students (regardless of degree) to be considered for Phi Beta Kappa, the highest national academic honorary.

What languages are offered?
Millsaps offers five foreign languages that are taught by three different departments.

What if I took a foreign language in high school?
You may continue with a language you have already begun in high school. Or, begin a new one!  If you wish to continue with a language, you can sign up for the appropriate level, but you must take a placement test during your fall orientation. Dr. Ramon Figueroa administers tests for Spanish and French. Dr. Holly M. Sypniewski administers the test for Latin. 

If you have already taken any French, Latin or Spanish or have any other experience with these languages, you should take our placement test, regardless of whether you intend to take a language course in your first semester.

Do my AP tests count toward the foreign language requirement?
Yes, they can, depending on your scores. Please visit the Records Office's Advanced Placement Scores page for specific details.

When should I start my language coursework?
We recommend that you begin your foreign language study as early as possible in your college career. Be sure to plan carefully since each language has a different sequence of rotation and not all courses are offered every semester.

  • French: Basic French I (FREN 1000), Basic French II (FREN 1010), and Intermediate French I (FREN 2000) are offered each semester.
  • Greek: Introduction to Ancient Greek I (CLST 1010) and Intermediate Greek (2000-level) are offered every spring semester. Introduction to Ancient Greek II (CLST 1020) is offered every fall.
  • Hebrew: Introduction to Classical Hebrew I (RLST 1010) is offered every other year, including Fall 2010.
  • Latin: Introduction to Latin I (CLST 1110) and Intermediate Latin (2000-level) are offered every fall semester, Intro to Latin II (CLST 1120) every spring.
  • Spanish: Basic Spanish I (SPAN 1000), Basic Spanish II (SPAN 1010), and Intermediate Spanish I (SPAN 2000) are offered each semester.

What if I still have questions?
Visit the web pages of Classical Studies, Modern Languages, and Religious Studies.

Or, write to the professors below:

French or Spanish: Dr. Ramon Figueroa, Chair of Modern Languages
Greek or Latin: Dr. Holly M. Sypniewski, Chair of Classical Studies
Hebrew: Dr. James Bowley, Professor of Religious Studies