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The faculty for the program in Neuroscience and Cognitive Studies is drawn from several departments and include:

Melissa Lea, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Director of Neuroscience and Cognitive Studies
B.A. Cognitive Science, University of Michigan
Ph.D. Cognitive Science, Miami University
Areas of interest: Cognitive Science.
Phone: 601.974.1755
Email: leama@millsaps.edu

Kurt Thaw, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology
B.S. Psychology, Georgia Southern University
Ph.D. Neuroscience, Florida State University
Areas of interest: Eating behavior.
Phone: 601.974.1380
Email: thawak@millsaps.edu

Patrick D. Hopkins, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
B.A. Experimental Psychology, University of Mississippi
Ph.D. Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis
Areas of interest: Moral Psychology, Neuroethics, Philosophy of Mind.
Phone: 601.974.1293
Email: hopkipd@millsaps.edu

Ryan D. Darling, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences, University of Mississippi Medical School
B.A. Psychology, Miami University
Ph.D. Biopsychology, Miami University
Areas of Interest: Neurophysiology.
Phone: 601.984.5056
Email: rdarling@umc.edu

Dr. Sabrice Guerrier
Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S. in Biology from Long Island University-Brooklyn
Ph.D. in Pharmacology from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Areas of interest: Cell Biology, Cell and membrane fusion.
Email: guerrsg@millsaps.edu

Dr. Brent E. Hendrixson
Assistant Professor of Biology
B.A. Biology, University of Northern Colorado
M.S. Biology, West Texas A & M University
Ph.D. Biology, East Carolina University
Areas of interest: Molecular Systematics and Evolution, Biogeography of the Southwestern United States, Arthropod Conservation Biology, and Arachnid Diversity.
Phone: 601.974.1413
Email: hendrb@millsaps.edu

Kristina Stensaas, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry, Chair of Chemistry
B.A. Chemistry, University of Wyoming
Areas of Interest: Physical Organic Chemistry, Oxidation Chemistry, Organosulfur Chemistry
Phone: 601.974.1402
Email: stanskl@millsaps.edu