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Faculty and Staff Members

Phi Beta Kappa


Stacy Dezutter, Department of Education
Emily Eaton, Department of Modern Languages
Priscilla Fermon, Department of Modern Languages
Blakely Fox Fender, Else School of Management
Laura Franey, Department of English
Eric Griffin, Department of English
Sabrina Grondhuis, Department of Psychology
Suzanne Marrs, Department of English
Greg Miller, Department of English
Julian Murchison (President), Department of Sociology-Anthropology
Tanya Newkirk (Vice President), Study Abroad Programs 
Rob Pearigen, President of Millsaps College
Shadow Robinson, Department of Physics
Elise L. Smith, Department of Art
Steven G. Smith, Departments of Religious Studies & Philosophy 
Kenneth Townsend, Special Assistant to the President and Department of Political Science
Jennifer Lewton-Yates (Secretary/Treasurer), Department of Classics

For more information about the chapter or about eligibility for membership contact Sabrina Grondhuis, assistant professor of psychology.