Physics seeks to understand the entire universe at its most basic and fundamental level. It provides the experimental and theoretical understanding of the world around us in which all other science is based. The study of physics at Millsaps is not just about mastering the subject, but making new discoveries and advancing the field through research. You will work with faculty in the quest for the complete understanding of the natural world around us. It is the goal of the physics program at Millsaps to be the best place to prepare for a Ph.D. program in experimental and theoretical physics in the South and the nation.

  • George Bruhn

    George Bruhn

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

    601.974.1368 | Email


    BS, BA, University of Rochester; MA, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

  • Shadow J. Q. Robinson

    Shadow J. Q. Robinson

    Professor of Physics

    601.974.1348 | Email


    BS, University of Kentucky; PhD, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

    "Since coming to Millsaps in 2008, I have taught courses in physics, astronomy, and mathematics. I am currently the chair of the Physics Department and director of the pre-engineering program at Millsaps.

    "Ever since I was 12 years old, I have been drawn to science and the quest to understand the "why" and "how" the universe works the way it does. These questions pulled me to study physics, where we learn the how and why of the universe and to study mathematics, the language in which that story is written. I have undergraduate degrees in physics and mathematics. My Ph.D. is in theoretical nuclear physics.

    "Now as a faculty member at Millsaps I get to not only pursue that quest through my own work as a scientist, but to share the excitement and challenges inherent in that quest with my students in my classes. In those classes I hope my students will gain an understanding of what we know about how the Universe works. We also discuss some of the things we do not understand yet, and how modern-day physicists are attempting to find out how those secrets of our Universe."