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Department of Physics


Physics Professors

  • Dr. Asif Khandker - Associate Professor of Physics
    B.S., University of Dacca (Bangladesh)
    M.S., Southern Illinois University
    Ph.D., Louisiana State University
    Year joined Millsaps Physics - 1985
    Office: Sullivan-Harrell Hall Room 261
    Web: http://home.millsaps.edu/khanda
    Phone: 601-974-1349
    Fax: 601-974-1397

  • Dr. Shadow JQ Robinson - Associate Professor & Chair of Physics; Dual Degree/Pre-Engineering Director
    B.S., (Mathematics) University of Kentucky 1997
    B.S., (Physics)  University of Kentucky 1997
    Ph.D., (Physics) Rutgers University, New Brunswick 2002
    Year joined Millsaps Physics - 2008
    Office: Sullivan-Harrell Hall Room 203 (The Physics Palace)
    Web: http://home.millsaps.edu/robins1
    Phone: 601-974-1348
    Fax: 601-974-1397