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Vanderbilt Nursing Program - Master of Science in Nursing

4 + 2 year Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Nursing degree:
A student with a Bachelor of Science degree from Millsaps who has completed all prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher may apply to the Master of Science in Nursing program leading to certification as a Nurse Practitioner in one of several specialties.

Students must complete all the requirements for a Millsaps degree and the prerequisites for the Vanderbilt Nursing Program. A course in Nutrition will be taken at Vanderbilt prior to the beginning of the course of study there. Only those courses in which a grade of C or better is earned will be accepted by Vanderbilt. Early in the senior year at Millsaps, students will apply to Vanderbilt Nursing School under the guidelines for "early decision" to enter a Master of Science in Nursing program.

Prerequisite Course Requirements - Vanderbilt Prerequisite and Millsaps Equivalent for the Master of Science in Nursing:

English (6 hours): IDST 1000 + Core 2-5
Social Science (9 hours): SOAN 1000 + 2 other PSYC or SOAN
Humanities (6 hours): Core 2-5
"Lifespan Development" (3 hours): IDST 1610 or PSYC 3150 + PSYC 3070
Natural Science (11 hours) including:
     Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II: BIOL 3110 + BIOL 3400
     Microbiology: BIOL 3500
Statistics (3 hours): MATH 1150
Nutrition (2-3 hours): No Millsaps equivalent.
38 additional accredited hours fulfilled by our degree

Please note that several of the required courses for Vanderbilt have prerequisite courses at Millsaps:

PSYC 3150 and 3070 both require completion of PSYC 1000 prior to enrollment.
BIOL 3110 and 3400 require BIOL 1000 plus BIOL 1020
BIOL 3500 requires BIOL 1000 plus BIOL 1010; Chemistry is recommended.

Contact prehealth@millsaps.edu for more information.