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Wiener Fellowships Eligibility

Pre-Health Program


Student Selection Process

  1. Students must be of sophomore or junior standing and have completed a minimum of 16 hours of classes at Millsaps. Graduating seniors will not be eligible because they will not be able to complete their research internship prior to application or matriculation to a medical school. Note: Students who will not apply to medical school until one year after graduation may submit a written request to the Dean's Office for an exception to this policy.
  2. Students who intend to enroll in summer courses or who have employment obligations that interfere with the proposed research project are not eligible.
  3. Students must submit a written statement describing their motivation and aspirations for a career in the medical profession.
  4. Applicants, in consultation with their summer faculty mentor, must submit a research proposal including an itemized budget and timeline. The proposal should detail the specific project and explain how the project is relevant to the medical profession and how it will enhance the student's probability of earning admittance into medical school.  (See the proposal guidelines for more information.)
  5. The selection committee will include the Vice President and Dean of the College, the Associate Dean of Sciences, and appointed faculty members.

Award Distribution

Wiener Scholars will receive a $2,500 stipend and a housing allowance to cover the cost of on-campus housing during the 8-week period. Additional funds may be available to purchase supplies and equipment necessary for carrying out the proposed research project (see item 4 above).

Role of the Faculty Mentor

Faculty mentors will be required to provide students with an exceptional research experience that will contribute to the student's appreciation of and dedication to a medical profession. Upon completion of the summer internship, students will present a brief report summarizing their results and research experience to the faculty mentor and selection committee. In addition, the faculty mentor will encourage the student to present his/her findings in a public forum.