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Department of Psychology


The Department of Psychology at Millsaps College has placed Millsaps students in several different internships in the Jackson area, such as those listed below. Please contact Dr. Thaw at 974-1380 or thawak@millsaps.edu for more information on internships.

Magnolia Speech School: Counseling/Behavioral Analysis; working with hearing impaired children to improve speech and sound recognition

Region 8 Mental Health: Counseling Psychology: working with mentally impaired subjects

University of Mississippi Medical Center:

  • Neuropsychology (Physician supervised behavioral assessment of subjects with head trauma or CNS injury)
  • Neuropharmacology: (working with UMC researchers identifying potential treatments for drug-withdrawal symptoms and behaviors)
  • Developmental Psychology: (working in groups and individually with Autistic children to improve behavioral and social skills)

Education Center: School Psychology; observe and work with children with learning disabilities in an attempt to improve their comprehension and behavioral skills. Includes testing.

Mississippi School for the Blind: Behavioral Analysis; working with visually impaired subjects to improve their abilities on physical tasks

Mississippi State Mental Hospital at Whitfield: Clinical Psychology; working within the realm of Abnormal Psychology students examine the process of admitting, treating and rehabilitating patients.

Mississippi Crime Lab: Forensic psychology; Learning how to properly investigate crime scenes, process evidence, and interpret findings.

Hinds County Sheriff's Department: Forensic psychology; Learning how to properly investigate crime scenes, issue warrants, and collect evidence.

MS Children's Home Society: Human Services; working with adoption cases to help place and monitor children

Galloway Day Care: Developmental Psychology; executing lesson plans and activities and interacting with children

Morris and Associates: Industrial/Organizational psychology; learning the ins-and-outs of how psychology is applied to the workplace environment.

Rankin County School District: School/Counseling Psychology; working with school counselors in the elementary grades to help assess, test, and counsel children.