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Career Relevance

Department of Religious Studies


Because of the broad scope and interdisciplinary nature of religious studies, this major serves as a powerful integrating center of liberal arts education.

  • In a world of rapid cultural change, Religious Studies gives you opportunities to think through your world-view, your values, and your relationship to tradition.
  • In a world in which intercultural understanding is of ever-growing importance, religious studies offers profound encounters with other people's ways of imagining, thinking, and living.
  • In a world of questions that must be treated synthetically, combining insights from different paths of knowledge, religious studies offers extensive practice in drawing insights from the arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences.

Religious Studies courses also may be taken to prepare for future activity in religious professions, law, social service, scholarship, in the humanities and social sciences, teaching (at all levels), international relations, and journalism. The Religious Studies major is an appropriate undergraduate concentration for most forms of postgraduate study. Students wishing to go further in the field may seek Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Religious Studies or seminary degrees.

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