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Government and Nonprofit

Department of Religious Studies


Want to help people?

You can do that with a Religious Studies Major! Two Millsaps graduates explain why their Religious Studies degree has helped them in counseling and in the medical profession:

My Religion degree has allowed me to be very open to the various religious backgrounds that come into the clinic for therapy. I am able to join with them on a deeper level because I understand their beliefs. This allows a closer connection between myself, as a therapist, and my clients.

- Elise Ingels Terrell, 2002

Having studied religion, I have been able to make connections with patients that others might not otherwise. A rudimentary knowledge of the Jehovah's Witnesses' position on blood transfusions, the Hispanic Catholic's need to be in close proximity to his/her family or the Mormon's evangelistic zeal, even when s/he is dying, have all been helpful.

- Gill Diethelm, 1994

The following are a few examples of careers that Religious Studies majors can pursue in the Health and Welfare fields.

  • Attorney
  • Counseling
  • Chaplaincy
  • Religious Life Programming
  • Administration
  • Clergy
  • Camp Director
  • Vocational Specialist

Want specific information about Careers in social services?

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