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Publications and Communications

Department of Religious Studies

With the focus that Millsaps College places on writing, Religious Studies majors would be extremely qualified to work in any of the following areas:

  • Publishing Commercial Art
  • Writing Broadcasting
  • Editing Film
  • Advertising Journalism
  • Music Television
  • Public Relations Sales

Below are a few examples of religious publications.

NewsPaperDrive.com lists over 75 publications from a variety of religious traditions.

Sojourners is a magazine about faith, politics, and culture.

Buddhazine, an online publication of the Buddha Dharma Education Association, includes comic strips and crossword puzzles along with information on Enlightenment and the Wheel of Life.

The Evangelical Press Association website includes a section listing available jobs.

Beliefnet is an online publication pertaining to religion, spirituality, prayer, politics, meditation, and more!

Hindu Press International is a daily news source produced as a public service by a small monastic community.

IslamiCity is a news source that links to Radio and TV broadcasts, too.

Jewish World Review is a daily bulletin on Jewish living.