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Alumnus Phillip Boyett Works for Millsaps College Scholarship Program for Rural Youth in Yucatan

Phillip Boyett in Oxkutzcab, Yucatán

Phillip Boyett, '12, has settled into Oxkutzcab, Yucatán. Putting into practice his Millsaps education and his anthropology training, he works with the Millsaps College Scholarship Program for Rural Youth.  In this position, he coordinates the administration of the scholarship funds, solicits donor support, and presides over the selection process of new scholarship students.

Phillip has been to the Yucatán several times during his time at Millsaps, including a semester there with Dr. Griffin in the English department and a total of twelve weeks over the past two summers digging with Dr. Bey. "Coming back to the Yucatán for a year feels like coming home. I'm really familiar with the area, and I have a lot of friends here. I couldn't be happier about having the opportunity to return."

When it comes to living in the Yucatán, Phillip says his life is pretty tranquil at the moment. "I'm surrounded by people who speak Yucatec Maya, so I'm endeavoring to learn that little by little. It's completely foreign to me, but that's why it's fun!" He has also recently acquired a bike and enjoys cruising around Oxkutzcab. When not learning the local dialect or site seeing from his bike, Phillip has been reading essays by professors he wants to study and researching places he thinks he would like to be for the next six years or so. "My life right now," he says, "is revolving around graduate school applications and dreams."

This is a year-long position, and Phillip will apply to enter anthropology graduate programs in the fall of 2013. Though it is too early to say where Phillip will be going, he is focusing especially on programs that include "cultural anthropologists that study the Yucatán. I would really like to continue working in the Yucatan during graduate school."