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Department Offers New Scholarships for Study Abroad


The department is very pleased to announce an expansion in the scholarships available to majors studying abroad. Study abroad is an integral part of the experience for so many of the students in our department. These scholarships supporting those experiences are made possible by generous gifts from alumni and friends of the department. This year the department will be able to offer as many as three scholarships to SOAN majors who plan to study abroad.

The department will once again be able to offer up to two $500 Freeman Scholarships for International Travel. These scholarships will be offered to students who intend to do a summer study program led by a faculty member in the department. Last summer, these scholarships funded Dora Lambert, who traveled to Albania for archaeological work with Dr. Galaty, and Erin Sanders, who used the funds towards Dr. Bey's "Idea of the City" class in Germany and Italy.

This year there will be a new $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to a major who plans to spend a summer, a semester, or a year abroad in Tanzania, Albania, or the Yucatán.  This scholarship is the result of a new gift to the department. The department anticipates being able to offer this scholarship each year for the foreseeable future. It is sure to have a lasting impact on the education of graduates for years to come.

These department-specific awards are separate from college-wide awards, like the Robinson Fellowships, and help to provide support for a wider range of students looking to study abroad.