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Explore Millsaps' New Archaeology Minor


Beginning this year, Millsaps College will offer a new Archaeology minor. This minor draws together professors who currently teach archaeology, such as Dr. Galaty and Dr. Bey, as well as those who teach in related fields, such as Dr. Bowley in Religious Studies, Dr. Galicki in Geology, and Dr. Sypniewski in Classics. It also incorporates existing study abroad programs and research projects in places such as Albania and Mexico. This new minor also supports the activities and mission of the W.M. Keck Center. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to get an interdisciplinary minor in Archaeology.

The minor requires five classes, three of which must be Introduction to Archaeology and World Prehistory, Archaeological Method and Theory, and an Archaeological Field School or other Approved Study Abroad program. The final two courses may be drawn from a list of approved electives.

Dr. George Bey, current professor of anthropology in the department, said, "This minor gives students a chance to focus more on archaeology, which is a strength here. It is very committed to field research, and is a great way to do field-based learning. It also allows students to develop skills that they can apply in other areas."

When asked about the new minor, Dean Dunn said, "We do archaeology better than anywhere I know of. Nowhere else can you get the combination of rigorous interdisciplinary course work, personal mentoring, field work, lab analysis and range of opportunities - from projects in Jackson, the Yucatan, Albania and Greece to name a few - all as part of a residential undergraduate experience."

There is also a website (archaeology.millsaps.edu) dedicated to the minor, on which students can find specific information about the program, upcoming events, and the travel programs. Faculty, students, and alumni are featured on the site.