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First African Studies Minor Victoria Gorham Accepted to University of Florida


Millsaps's first African Studies minor, Victoria Gorham, will have a chance to continue to pursue her interests in the continent when she joins the University of Florida's Ph.D. program in political science with a specific focus on Africa.

Victoria will graduate from Millsaps in May of 2012 as the first student to attain an African Studies minor. Her major is Political Science, and she was first introduced to African Studies through a class on African politics taught by Dr. Iren Omo-Bare. She came to the newly created African Studies minor through her longstanding interest Africa-focused classes.   In the summer of 2011, she travelled to Tanzania with Dr. Julian Murchison.

Victoria was recently accepted into the University of Florida as a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science. Her work will focus on the politics of African development. She intends to return to Tanzania to continue research for her dissertation.Reflecting on her choice of African Studies and her future studies, Victoria says, "I became interested in the African Studies minor because of people like Dr. Omo-Bare and Dr. Murchison, and the University of Florida has a great center for African Studies!" This is an excellent opportunity for her to continue to pursue her joint interests in African Studies and political science.