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First Annual Major Declaration Day


On Thursday, March 22, the Sociology/Anthropology Department held its first annual Major Declaration Day as part of a campus wide event. This event was created to celebrate the act of declaring a major with fellow majors. The event offered the opportunity for anthropologists and sociologists to create new rituals, traditions, and rites of passage.  These rituals and traditions will no doubt be the subject of study for future social scientists!

The Sociology/Anthropology Department's party was held in the lounge and included delicious Caribbean food.  Cohort pictures of SOAN majors were taken using a wide array of props, including atlatls, skulls, early human busts, and an Indiana Jones cutout. There was a reading of "words of wisdom" collected from junior and senior majors, and new initiates were required to place their hand on the bust of "Peking Man" while the Chair of Department, Dr. Julian Murchison, signed their form.

Students who declared a sociology/anthropology major were George Bey IV, Sara Del Castillo, Callie Creekmore, Dustin Harscher, Abe Hutcheon,  Bobby Medina, Francis Nayan, Laura Katharine Norwood, and Dani Rossano. Other majors were also in attendance, including several seniors and almost all of the junior class.