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The Post-Fulbright Life of Alumna Nadia Hashimi


"Milking Goats, Learning Traditional Medicine, and Editing a Magazine: The Post-Fulbright Life of an Alum"

For two years Nadia Al-Hashimi has been milking goats and stories in Bedouin communities located along the trans-Jordan territories in the Middle East. Originally funded by a U.S. Fulbright Fellowship, Nadia has continued her research in the area, studying how tourism is affecting gender structures among the Bedouin. She has also begun an apprenticeship with the local healer, learning his techniques in traditional medicine, transcribing his methods, and analyzing how floral and faunal remedies are used in the society.

She is currently volunteering at the grassroots women's cooperatives, is an active member of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Association's sustainable development committee, and is fortunate to be part of most local diwans regularly reserved for men. To fund her continued research she is now the editor of a magazine in Jordan. Unfortunately, her hillbilly Arabic accent developed in the desert is now the talk of the office.