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University of Tirana Reps Visit Millsaps

Department of Sociology/Anthropology News


On Thursday, March 4, 2011, representatives from the University of Tirana in Albania - Valentina Duka, Ilira Chaushi, Lorenc Bejko, and Iris Pojani - came to campus.  Anthropology/Sociology Department Chair Dr. Mike Galaty established Millsaps' relationship with the University of Tirana through his work in Albania over the past ten years.

Though Lorenc Bejko has visited before, this was the first time the three women representatives were able to visit campus.  Dr. Galaty believes that the partnership between the two schools was made stronger by the representatives' visit because they were able to experience Millsaps campus and understand what a small liberal arts college is like compared to larger universities. 

Both schools hope to gain from this relationship; students from Tirana can look forward to getting experience in our new Keck lab, and Millsaps students will be able to participate in archaeological fieldwork in Albania. 

Along with students, the two schools hope to exchange professors as well.  Though the plans to swap professors is still a work in progress, the first student exchanges might occur as soon as the 2010 Fall semester.