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International Connections

International experiences are a central part of the Sociology/Anthropology Department here at Millsaps. All of our faculty have active international research programs and connections. Students in our department have opportunities to travel, study, and do research with faculty in Tanzania, Albania, the Yucatán, and China. They also regularly pursue other international connections around the world. These international connections are transformative and long-lasting.

We are very proud to offer students several opportunities to study abroad and work closely with professors. Many students who graduate with a degree in sociology/anthropology have international experience in multiple places. In recent years, students have combined study abroad in some of the following ways: Tanzania and Albania, Europe and Argentina, Costa Rica and Tanzania, Albania and Yucatán, Tanzania and Italy (and many more). Students often choose to spend semesters abroad and conduct Honors Project research in the countries they have travelled to over the summer. Because of their rich variety of international experiences, our students are well prepared for careers and continued study.


Though the professors in  the department have their own direction connecti to Tanzania, Albania, the Yucatán, and China, students are not limited by these opportunities. Professors encourage students to learn where their interests lie and to explore study abroad opportunities all over the world. Recently, students have studied in Northern Ireland, Thailand, Italy, Spain, and Argentina. Our professors can assist students in finding study abroad opportunities that fit the department's goals almost anywhere!

It is very clear that the international connections don't end when students graduate. Many of our recent graduates have continued their work and studies abroad after graduation. Several students have been awarded Fulbright Fellowships to continue their research abroad (Chelsi West in Albania and Nadia al Hashimi in Jordan) and a number of recent graduates are now studying or teaching abroad. Erin Jordan, class of 2011, conducted her Honors research in Tanzania and returned after graduation to teach English in a secondary school in southern Tanzania. Brittany Tourelle was a participant in the first Millsaps semester program in Yucatán and has most recently been living in Yucatán administering the scholarship program there. Chelsi is preparing to return to Albania for Ph.D. dissertation research.