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Dr. Michael Galaty has been conducting archaeological research in Albania for the past 14 years. His focus is on prehistoric archaeology, especially the Bronze Age, and he takes students into the field with him every summer.



This summer, Dr. Galaty and Dr. Lorenc Bejko, University of Tirana, will be directing an archaeological field school in Albania. The month-long course will be held in conjunction with the Projekti Arkeologjikë i Shkodrës (PASH), an intensive survey of the region of Shkodër in northern Albania, which began in 2010. The field school will involve students from both schools. They will survey and excavate sites around the city, including Illyrian hill forts and burial mounds. Students from Millsaps attending the field school are taking an Albanian language course in the spring of 2012, before they travel.

Prior to PASH Dr. Galaty ran a multi-year project in the high mountains of northern Albania, the Shala Valley Project (SVP). Many Millsaps students participated in the SVP, as both researchers and, in 2008, as field school students.

Students, such as Ellen Beilmann '06 (Michigan State U.), Chelsi West '08 (U. of Texas), Nadia Al Hashimi '10 (Fulbright Fellow, Jordan), and Kailey Rocker '12, have conducted Honors-in-Anthropology thesis research in Albania. Kailey has been to Albania with Dr. Galaty the last two summers and studied abroad at the University of Tirana for a semester in the spring of 2011. She will also be going to the field school this summer as a teaching assistant.