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Evan Parker Earns Phi Beta Kappa Honors Award


On February 5, Evan Parker won the inaugural first place Phi Beta Kappa prize for his presentation of his research at the Millsaps College Honors Conference. The Phi Beta Kappa prizes were determined by members of Phi Beta Kappa through evaluation of both the design and execution of the Honors Projects and the presentation of that material during the Honors Conference. Phi Beta Kappa is a prestigious national honorary dedicated to excellence in the liberal arts and the lifelong pursuit of learning.

Evan Parker in Kaxil Kiuic, Mexico

Evan's project, "Descending the Stairway to Heaven: The Rapid Abandonment of a Terminal Classic Puuc Hilltop Site" is based on archaeological analysis of artifact assemblages from the small site of Escalera al Cielo (EAC) in the Yucatán Peninsula. Evan's independent field research was conducted under the auspices of the Bolonchen Regional Archaeological Project.

When asked about his project and the award Evan said, "I have received many congratulatory remarks from students and professors for completing my honors thesis. However, I don't view it as the end of something but as the beginning. This is the first piece of scholarship that I have ever produced, and I will continue to build upon it throughout my career in the academy. I truly believe that this is one of the greatest benefits of doing research as an undergraduate; it has set the tone for all of my future work in anthropology."