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Dr. Galaty Offers Summer Field School in Albania


Dr. Michael Galaty and Dr. Lorenc Bejko, University of Tirana, will be directing an archaeological field school in Albania this summer. The month-long course will be held in conjunction with the Projekti Arkeologjikë Shkodrës, the project on which Dr. Galaty and students - both from Millsaps and the University of Tirana - have been working on for the past two summers. The project is a multi-year program of regional archeological research focused on the plain and hills surrounding the northern Albanian city of Shkroda.

Students will survey and excavate areas around the city including Illyrian hill forts and burial mounds. Students from Millsaps attending the field school must complete a beginning Albanian course in the spring of 2012, before they travel.

The course costs $5350, which includes weekly night courses on survey and excavation and four Millsaps anthropology credits but not airfare. Students will be in Albania with the course from May 15 through June 15.

This program differs from previous summer courses in that it is no longer only research but a field school with weekly classes. Also, Dr. Galaty is able to take around six students this summer whereas he was only able to take two or three in the past.

Laura Norwood, a sophomore anthropology major currently taking Dr. Galaty's "Archaeological Method and Theory" class said, "Dr. Galaty's 'Archaeology of Bronze Age Greece' peaked my interest in archaeology and this opportunity." When asked about the benefits of a field course setup, she said,  "I think when doing actual archaeology for the first time it's more helpful to approach it as a class."