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Local Middle School Students Try Their Hands at Excavating


Dr. Michael Galaty's Archaeological Method and Theory class will conduct its dig at the Millsaps-Buie House this year with a little help from Rowan Middle School. Dr. Galaty will bring twenty of Rowan's best science students along with one science teacher into the classroom to introduce them to archaeology.

When excavation begins at the Millsaps-Buie House in late March or early April, the students from Rowan will join Millsaps students for a day to gain some experience in the field.The Millsaps Faith and Work Initiative and One Campus, One Community are working together to sponsor this wonderful opportunity for the students of Rowan.

"We're really hoping to use archaeology as a vehicle to teach students about the different ways science can be used," says Dr. Galaty. This is also an excellent opportunity for the students of Rowan Middle School, located in Midtown Jackson, which is quite close to Millsaps College and the Millsaps-Buie House, to learn about the history of their own community up close and personal.

George Bey IV, a student in the class, said, "Most kids that age just think it's Indiana Jones, high flying adventure stuff. However, we get to be a part of showing these kids what it's like to dig for real. In the end, I think it's going to be a great experience not only for us, because we get to share what were learning with these kids, but also for the kids, because they get to do something most fifty-year-old Indiana Jones fanatics have dreamt about and never done."

Updates on the progress of the excavation to follow.