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SOAN Student Presents Poster at Conference

In November, Kailey Rocker travelled to Montreal, Canada for the the 110th annual American Anthropological Association meeting at the Palais des Congres, where she presented a poster entitled "Promoting and Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Drisht Castle, Shkodra, Albania: The Local Stakeholders' Role in Cultural Heritage Management." Kailey's poster was part of a session sponsored by the Society for Visual Anthropology and organized by Deb Rotman (University of Notre Dame) and Augusten Fuentes (University of Notre Dame). The poster session was entitled First Rites: Innovated Undergraduate Student Research in Anthropology, and included around 43 participants. That makes Kailey one of only 43 undergraduate students from across the country to present at the national conference for anthropologists.

When asked to describe her experience at the conference, Kailey said, "I enjoyed the poster session. It was rather laid back and casual. Usually interested persons would mosey on up to the board and ask questions. I met a few anthropologists interested in cultural heritage management and was invited to attend a cultural heritage conference in Switzerland this upcoming summer that's focused on a value-based approach to cultural resource management. I was not only able to meet anthropologists in my particular area of interest but also other students (undergraduate and graduate) who, like me, were passionate about anthropology. Overall, there were a massive number of anthropologists who attended the conference and they are all insane!"

While at the conference, Kailey attended sessions on the blur between the virtual and the "real" world as well as a session on surveillance and securitization in a punitive state. She stayed in Old Montreal at the La Maison du Patriote hostel and ate fried avocadoes during her trip. She met up with Chelsi West, a former Millsaps anthropology student, as well. She's still trying to figure out a way to get to Switzerland for her next conference.