Millsaps College in Yucatán


August 21–November 17, 2017

For more information, contact Dr. David Wood, 601.974.1315, or at, or by visiting Murrah Annex 219. Download the application. Limited spaces are available for non-Millsaps students.

No additional tuition. You pay the same as if you were attending classes in Jackson. Scholarships and financial aid still apply. A special scholarship is available (Robinson) to cover the activity fee. (The activity fee is $1,200 to cover special excursions only offered through this program and its classes. You will also need to cover your airfare.)

Excursions. You will visit places such as Valladolid, Chiapas, Uxmal, Campeche, Tulum, Puerto Morelos, and Cenotes (limestone sink wells for swimming and exploring). Plus, take part in many activities in and around Mérida such as independent Hispanic and international films, paper making, cooking classes, guest lectures on contemporary Mayan poetry, central market, colonial museum, contemporary art, local cuisine, etc.

Block 1—August 23–September 29, 2017

  • Spanish language, culture or literature, appropriate to student’s level, either Spanish 1000, 1010, 2000 or beyond, all taught at our partner language institute, CIS centro. Satisfies non-native language requirement.
  • Yucatán and the Spanish Caribbean. Cross-lists with SPAN, LAST, POLSCI, ENGL. Literary, political, and historical survey of significant works, figures, and episodes between the Yucatán peninsula and the wider Caribbean including Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

Fall Break—October 2–6, 2017

Block 2—October 9–November 17, 2017

  • Reading the Mayan Ruins with Tomás Gallareta. Will satisfy the social world requirement for anthropology and archaeology.
  • Mexican novels, Mexican identities, taught in translation or in original for Spanish majors and minors. Three novels: The Underdogs, Pedro Paramo, and Death of Artemio Cruz. Cross-lists with LAST and SPAN.
  • Contemporary Mexican Film (2 credits). Cross-lists with Film Studies, LAST, SPAN.
  • Spanish 2750, conversation (2 credits). Spanish credit for major or minor.