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Spring Semester in Yucatan

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Announcing the First Semester Abroad Program in Millsaps History

Millsaps College is proud to announce a new Semester Abroad Program in Yucatán, which will be offered in the Spring Semester of 2011. Using your regular tuition, room and board, you will be able to live and study abroad for the entire spring semester in Mexico.

Taking a direct historical approach to the study of literature and history, archaeology and anthropology, the semester-long program will embody the immersion experience we at Millsaps call "Living in Yucatán." Realizing a comprehensive interdisciplinary vision featuring instructors from the humanities and the social sciences, students will move archaeologically, historically and literarily from the present to the past and back again, gaining intimate knowledge of Yucatecan life and culture.

Structured on a "block plan," the Spring Semester in Yucatán will be comprised of the following courses:

COURSE BLOCK 1: January 17 - February 4

SPAN 1052-4752: SPANISH CONVERSATION (2 SEM. HRS.) -  - All students will spend three weeks studying Spanish language at the Centro de Idiomas del Sureste (CIS), Mérida, at a level appropriate to their needs - from "survival" through advanced. Taught by the institute staff.

LAST 3750/ ENGL 3750: SOUTH OF THE BORDER: VISIONS OF MEXICO IN ANGLO-AMERICAN LITERATURE, FILM, AND POPULAR SONG (4 SEM. HRS.) Featuring literature, film and music from the heart of the twentieth century, the course will explore the various ways Mexico has been envisioned in the Anglo-American public mind. (May be used to satisfy the CORE 5 requirement in Literature.) Taught by Eric Griffin.

COURSE BLOCK 2: February 8 - 25

LAST 4750/HIST 4750: COLONIAL YUCATÁN AND THE ATLANTIC WORLD  - Moving from the contact period, through the era of conquest and colonial domination, the course will explore the Yucatán in its broader, Atlantic context. There will be regular film screenings and weekend excursions to Campeche, Sisal, Valladolid, and Izamal. (May be used to satisfy the CORE 4 requirement in History.) Taught by Eric Griffin.

FINAL EXAM PERIOD, BLOCKS 1 & 2: February 28-March 2
SPRING BREAK: March 3-March 13

COURSE BLOCK 3: March 14 - April 1

SOAN 3110 READING THE MAYA RUINS: BUILDING FORM, FUNCTION, AND MEANING - This course will provide an introduction to ancient Maya art and architecture. While gaining a basic knowledge of the cultural and environmental history of the region, it will observe changes in art and architecturethrough time, relating local stylistic developments to major social and political changes. This block will include field trips to many important museums, archaeological and historical sites, including an excursion to Palenque in the state of Chiapas. Taught by Tomás Gallareta.

COURSE BLOCK 4: April 4 - 23

SOAN 3120 CONTEMPORARY CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT IN THE YUCATÁN (4 SEM. HRS.) - The final course of the Yucatán semester will define "environment" very broadly to include everything from deforestation to the foods people eat. Divided into three broad topics: food, culture, and sustainability; conservation and communities; and globalization and the changing Yucatec landscape, the course will offer experiential activities and a number of local and regional excursions, including a stay on the Maya Riviera. Taught by Jessica Piekielek.


Spring Semester in Yucatán Brochure