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Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Program


The intent of the Writing Program is to support all faculty as you use writing in your courses at Millsaps. With our writing intensive Core 1, IDST 1000/1050: Introduction to Thinking and Writing course and other Core courses, we work to develop a coherent, scholarly atmosphere in which students develop competent and effective means of written communication.

To this end, the Millsaps Writing Program has adopted a Writing Across the Curriculum approach designed to offer clear and effective writing instruction in the initial writing intensive course - IDST 1000/1050 - and to support and extend that instruction through other writing intensive courses in all disciplines on campus. While courses in our Core Curriculum have certain writing requirements, other courses on campus, including upper level courses in all three divisions and every major on campus, ought also to contribute to this campus-wide emphasis on one of the primary liberal arts abilities: written communication.

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) approach that the Millsaps Writing Program uses operates on the simple philosophy that writing is a skill requisite to every academic pursuit. It is not the domain or responsibility of single faculty members, departments, or divisions. It is a campus-wide, holistic approach to teaching writing. In short, from the earliest WAC theorists to contemporary post-process theorists, the consensus in this WAC strain of writing theory and pedagogy is this: that students can neither be injected with writing skills nor vaccinated against poor writing habits in one single course; that the writing process and, therefore, the teaching of writing is a recursive process; that students learn to write most successfully in environments in which their writing skills are measured in all courses and in which good writing habits are reinforced in various courses and by various instructors.