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Faculty & Staff: Our Academic Partners

The Center for Career Education offers educational presentations for Millsaps classes. These presentations involve many subjects related to career development and the job search from resumes, cover letters, and interview skills to graduate/professional school preparation and career decision-making. Our five functional areas and responsibilities are:

  • Career Counseling
  • Part-time Jobs (On-campus)
  • Part-time Jobs (Off-campus) 
  • Internships
  • Full-time Employment
  • Graduate/Professional School Guidance

If you would like us to visit your class, please call 601-974-1346 or email your request to careercenter@millsaps.edu.

Employing Students in your Department

Please post your department's on-campus job(s) for Millsaps students online:

  • Go to College Central.
  • Click the employer icon.
  • Click "Create Account" and complete the online form.
  • For "company name," please type: Millsaps College - (Name of Your Department).
  • Our office will be notified of your registration, and a password will be sent to you.
  • You will re-enter the site and log in using your access ID and password. From that point on, you may post your job opportunities as they arise.
  • College Central will keep a record of your job postings so you may repost a job in future semesters.

Once your department chooses to hire a student employee, send a Personnel Action Form to Mandi Calvert (calvemr@millsaps.edu) in the Business Office, Box 150433. These forms and tax forms are available in AC 144. Mandi also assists in payroll issues for students working on campus.

Hiring International Students

When hiring an international student (F1 status) AND if they have received their employment packet, please advise them to make an appointment with the International Student Advisor in Admissions as a final step in the employment process. International students (F1 status) must have a social security number in order to be paid.

Community Service Jobs

Advise students who qualify for federal aid AND who wish to work in local "community service jobs" to contact Linda Nix (nixls@millsaps.edu) in the Office of Financial Aid.