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Fac/Staff FAQs

Can you speak to our class about your services?
Gladly. Contact either Suzi Nyberg (ext. 1214) or Tonya Nations (ext. 1346) to set up a date and time. We can talk about our services, provide testing and feedback, speak to students in senior seminars about future plans, address resume and cover letter basics, etc.

Who do I call to help one of my students?
It depends. For questions about career counseling, graduate assistance, part-time work or internship-for-credit registration for all  majors ... or for full-time job assistance for students in the Divisions of Arts & Humanities or the Sciences, please call Tonya Nations (ext. 1346). For full-time, part-time and internship searches for majors in business, public management or pre-law, please call Suzi Nyberg (ext. 1214).

How does the Internship-for-Credit program work?
The Internship-for-Credit program is for credit only. Students can receive up to 8 hours of credit/no credit coursework during their entire Millsaps career. This program awards credit based on hours worked:

  • 52 hours of work = 1 credit
  • 104 hours of work = 2 credits
  • 156 hours of work = 3 credits
  • 208 hours of work = 4 credits

The Internship-for Credit program requires students to find an internship that will provide a learning experience in a field of interest for them and then register for credit through the Office of Records. The internship does not have to be directly related to their major. If you want a syllabus or other information, contact Tonya Nations at tonya.nations@millsaps.edu or call ext. 1346.

Since the process is decentralized on campus, students may also get internship credit through their academic advisor or an individual faculty member.

How do I hire a student to work in my department?
Click here to see the steps outlined for employing a student in your department. 

Where do I go for time cards?
The Business Office has blank time cards. When you complete them for your student employees, be sure to send them to the Business Office so they can process the information for payroll. Your primary contact for the Business Office is Mandi Calvert.