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Part-time Jobs (Off-campus)

Majors at work

How do I find part-time jobs off-campus?

One way to find an off-campus job is through College Central Network. If the Center for Career Education knows about any openings, they will be listed on College Central Network. Another way is to simply apply directly to the employer.


How do I get into College Central Network?

  • Go to www.collegecentral.com/millsapscollege.
  • Click on the student icon and then click "Create Account," if you are a new user.
  • You are responsible for creating an Access ID and password.
  • Once you've completed registering, you will be directed to the main menu.

Which part of College Central's main menu do I use for off-campus jobs?

  • In the upper left of the screen, click on "Search for Jobs/Opportunities Posted to My School."
  • Choose "Part-time," "Freelance," and/or "Seasonal" as the job type, and choose your geographic preference. Then, click to begin your search.
  • Note: You can also choose "Internship" as the job type since some internships are paid.
  • If an opportunity interests you, then click on the Job ID number to learn more.

How do I apply to part-time jobs off-campus?

Follow the employer's directions listed at the bottom of each job posting. If the employer requires a resume and you need help with this, contact the Center for Career Education.

When do I hear about getting hired for a job?

It depends. But, the Center for Career Education recommends that you call or email the employer approximately 3-5 business days after your application has been submitted. Follow-up is key to any job search.