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Students/Alumni FAQs

Who do I contact for an appointment?
The Center for Career Education has two locations on campus. The Center in the Division of Student Life can be reached by calling (601) 974-1346  or by emailing Tonya Nations. The Center in the Else School of Management is overseen by Suzi Nyberg. She can be reached by calling (601) 974-1214.

How do I get a job on campus?
Click here to find information about searching for and applying for jobs on campus. Remember, most jobs are posted at the beginning of each academic year in August. This is the best time to secure an on-campus job.

Will the Center for Career Education help me with my resume or cover letter? 
Yes. Contact our offices to set up an appointment. If you are a business, public management or pre-law major, contact Suzi Nyberg. All other majors are to contact Tonya Nations. We also help with curriculum vitaes. For immediate resume assistance, go to College Central Network and view advice from professionals on CareerTV or download one of College Central's resume or cover letter documents.

What sort of help do you offer someone applying to graduate school?
The Center for Career Education - Division of Student Life is where you go for assistance with your vita or personal statement. Our office provides resources for your search and advice about the graduate school application process. Also, students and alumni are invited to attend our annual online graduate/professional school fair which is held each fall. Check our calendar for details. 

What is College Central Network and how do I use it?
College Central Network is an online system that we have chosen for posting jobs and for housing resumes. A new service for building portfolios has been added and we encourage alumni and students to try it. College Central also offers career advice in the form of CareerTV and printable documents. This free service is available to Millsaps students and alumni at www.collegecentral.com/millsapscollege.

Can the Center for Career Education help me choose my major?
Yes. For career counseling and testing, call (601) 974-1346 or email Tonya Nations to set up a time to meet. In addition to type testing, we offer students the chance to test and build a profile online with Kuder Journey

How do get an internship?
Whether you are seeking credit through Faith & Work Initiative, your academic department, or the Internship-for-Credit program, the Center for Career Education can help you with the first step: finding the internship. Many internships are posted on College Central Network. However, if you do not find one that interests you, contact our offices for further help. We will gladly help you contact businesses and/or organizations about hosting you as an intern for the semester.

I'm graduating, how do I start looking for a job?
Well, it depends. If you are a business major (undergraduate or graduate), pre-law or public management major, then contact Suzi Nyberg for assistance at (601) 974-1214. If you have a major in the arts, humanities or sciences, contact Tonya Nations at (601) 974-1346. We will help you polish your resume, cover letter and interview skills. Then, we will advise you on the process and provide connections for your search, whether it is local, regional, national or global.

Can I use the Center for Career Education after I graduate?
Yes. Our offices assist Millsaps alumni.

Where are tax forms, student employment applications or time cards?
Tax forms and time cards are located in the Business Office, AC Room 144. Click here to download the Student Employment Application (PDF).