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Graphics for Print and Web

Office of Communications and Marketing


The Millsaps College Wordmark is the key graphic element in the school's uniform graphic identification system. Its letterforms are derived from the traditional stone carver faces utilized by the College on many of its early buildings.

The Wordmark has been designed to have strength and adaptability, both visually and for reproduction purposes, while reflecting the unique qualities of the school itself. This mark is well suited for use in a wide range of identification, promotion, and advertising applications aimed at internal College audiences and the general public.

The shapes contained within these logos have been rendered for clear reproduction at both large and small scales.

Some notes to remember when using the mark:

  • The mark has been carefully drawn and should only be reproduced by photographic processes from the approved reproduction art.
  • No prior versions of the College mark may be used.
  • Only certain other traditional symbols or marks may be used in connection with the College.

Please contact the Office of Communications for detailed guidelines on the application or use of Millsaps wordmarks.


Millsaps Purple:

  • Pantone PMS273 C
  • CMYK: C100 M100 Y22 K14
  • RGB: R34 G25 B114
  • Web (Hexadecimal): #330066

Millsaps Gray:

  • Pantone: PMS423 C
  • CMYK: C47 M37 Y39 K3
  • RGB: R142 G144 B143
  • Web (Hexadecimal): #CCCCCC

These colors are provided to give you choices when creating communications pieces. It will help to ensure that College publications share a cohesive and unified color theme. Use discretion when placing Millsaps Purple or Millsaps Gray in close proximity to colors that share similar values or intensities. For advice on additional colors that would complement Millsaps College colors, please consult with the Office of Communications.

Millsaps College Logo (linear)


Millsaps College Logo (stacked)


Millsaps College Logo/Crest (stacked)


Millsaps College Athletics Logo