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Project Request Form

Office of Communications and Marketing


If you have questions about this form, please contact us at 974‐1033 or cynthia.haynes@millsaps.edu.


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Projects cannot start until all information and materials are provided. Please provide project content (Word documents, PDFs, etc.) - via a separate email to cynthia.haynes@millsaps.edu - when submitting this request.

Please note that printed materials are not an immediate turnaround. Proper advance notice is requested (two months before you need it delivered to you is ideal) to ensure materials are delivered by the target date. Additionally, you must be sure production costs for printed materials are included in your departmental budget.

Photography requests require at least one week's notice prior to date requested. Photography requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis at the discretion of the Office of Communications and Marketing. The Office maintains a list of approved freelance photographers with competitive hourly rates. If a department requests contact sheets or additional copies of image CDs, additional fees may apply. Expenses are incurred by the client/department unless Communications has already planned to take photos for other purposes. In that case, Communications will pay for the photographer; clients may be billed for prints.


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