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Academic Computing Facilities

Information Technology Services

Welcome to the Academic Computing Facilities portion of the ITS website.  This page has details about the different types of facilities offered and their features.  There are a variety of options which are sure to fit your needs.  Millsaps College has two types of Academic Technology facilities: Class A and Class B. The differences in these facilities and their locations are described below.  Contact information for booking these facilities is also listed below.

The Class A facilities are mainly Academic in nature, and have the same audio and video functions, such as showing video, browsing the web and displaying documents. 

This equipment includes:

  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • PC
  • DVD/VCR deck
  • Sound system
  • Connection for a laptop to the projector
  • Connection of a laptop to the wireless computer network


  • Academic Complex Rooms 137, 215, 222, 334 and 335
  • Christian Center Rooms 4, 21 and 24
  • Murrah Hall Rooms 111, 202, 204, 205 and 207
  • Olin Hall Rooms 100, 120, 204, 222 and 240
  • Sullivan-Harrell Hall Rooms 221, 263, 267, 268, 321 and 368

These facilities can be booked by contacting the Records Office at 601-974-1120.
Access to the equipment and overview of operation can be arranged with Helpdesk at 601-974-1144.

The Class B facilities have projection capability with differing uses and equipment configurations. The facilities come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different class sizes.


  • Campbell College Center Leggett Rooms
  • Academic Complex 152
  • Murrah Hall Room 201
  • Olin Hall Rooms 105 and 202
  • Sullivan-Harrell Hall Rooms 161 and 165

Olin Hall Room 105 and Sullivan-Harrell Hall Rooms 161 and 165 can be booked by contacting the Helpdesk at 601-974-1144.


Millsaps-Wilson Library Computer Lab The Library Computer Lab
This lab has twenty eight computers, 1 instructor computer, LCD projector, and a VCR. It is available for student use, but can also be reserved for classes. Please call 601-974-1070 for more information.

Sullivan-Harrell Hall Computer Lab
The Sullivan-Harrell Hall (SHH) Computer Lab suite is located on the first floor and made up of three separate rooms to accommodate most class sizes. All three labs have projectors and there is a printer available for student use. Please call 601-974-1144 for more information.

Murrah Hall Computing Facilities
This includes two study rooms located on the second floor and a computer lab in the basement. The computer lab in Murrah Hall is only accessible to students currently enrolled in the Millsaps College Else School of Management Masters of Business Administration or Masters in Accountancy program.Graduate students also have access to all public labs located in Sullivan-Harrell and theMillsaps-Wilson Library.