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Network Resources


Email is one of the most-frequently used modes of communication at Millsaps. Users may access email through the Web, smart phones and other devices.

Configuring Outlook 2011.pdf
Configuring Exchange on Android.pdf
Configuring Exchange on iPhone, iPad, iPod.pdf
Outlook Web Application.pdf

Network Drives

Your network storage at Millsaps is a useful way to back up important information or to share information with colleagues. All Millsaps-owned and networked computers will automatically connect to your H:\ drive. If you wish to connect with a personal computer, simply ensure you are connected to the wireless or wired network, and follow these instructions.

Map Network Drive Mac OS .pdf
Map Network Drive Windows 7.pdf
Map Network Drive Windows 8.pdf


A virtual private network (VPN) allows access to the Millsaps drives off-campus.

VPN Instructions.pdf


Please email helpdesk@millsaps.edu with your gaming device's "wired" Mac address for registration.

When outside of class, gaming is great way to relax. For your device system to work at Millsaps, it must be connected to our wired network (plugged into the port in the wall). From there, we need the MAC address to manually add the device to the network. Follow these instructions to find this information.