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Student Employment


Welcome to the Student Employment section of the ITS website.  This section contains information about on campus jobs within the department.  We have a variety of positions for student employees which are described in detail below. Don't have much technical knowledge? Don't worry! We provide training for student employees every year.

Residential Networking Consultants (ResCons) - ITS employs students known as ResCons to act as the first line of support for on-campus students. ResCons are trained to help students get on the internet, gain access to email and personal storage, and install Microsoft Office and anti-virus, as well as assist students throughout the year with malware infections, viruses, and reformatting computers. ResCons work a lot at the beginning of the year to ensure that all students are provided with Millsaps internet, e-mail, personal storage, and Microsoft Office and antivirus. ResCons work in the office in New South Atrium and also make individual appointments.

Lab Assistants - ITS employs students known as Lab Assistants who work in the Sullivan-Harrell Computer Labs.  Lab assitants are trained to monitor the labs and printer. They report any problems with computers or projectors and ensure that the printer is working properly.  They are also responsible for keeping track of the number of people in the lab and compiling statistical data.

Helpdesk - ITS employs students known as Helpdesk Analysts to man the campus' Helpdesk and provide the first line of support for network, computer, and telecommunications problems for faculty and staff.  They answer the phone and e-mails and deal mostly with technical problems for faculty and staff. They also assist with software and ethernet cable sales. There are a variety of positions available at the Helpdesk for people with different skills and experience levels. Along with the Helpdesk Analysts, Helpdesk employs Multimedia Technicians and Hardware Analysts.

If you would like to apply, please contact the career center at (601) 974-1346 or e-mail careercenter@millsaps.edu in order to fill out an application for ITS job opportunities and to find out more about on campus employment opportunities.