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Travel Expense / Reimbursement Policy


  • All reimbursement requests must be completed on the Travel Expenditure / Reimbursement Form.
  • Receipts must be attached for all expenditures. Expense reimbursements will not be processed without appropriate receipts.
  • Millsaps will not reimburse personal expenses such as movies, dry cleaning, personal telephone calls, as well as spouse travel, meals, and lodging.
  • Use of personal automobiles for College business will be reimbursed at 56.5 cents / mile. This reimbursement rate covers all transportation and operating costs including fuel and oil. Tolls and reasonable parking charges will be reimbursed in addition to the mileage allowance.
  • Air travel will be reimbursed at the economy air fare rate.
  • Complete information must be provided on entertainment expenses to comply with IRS regulations. This includes the individual(s) name, title and place of employment or relationship to Millsaps as well as the business purpose and location of the entertainment. If this information is not provided then your request will be returned to you.
  • Department chairs may approve expenses including personal reimbursements from their department's general accounts "00-xxxxx-xxxxx" up to $1000.00. Purchases over $1000.00 must have the Academic Dean's signature. Any purchase from restricted "10-xxxxx-xxxxx" or reserve "20-xxxxx-xxxxx" departmental accounts must have the Academic Dean's preapproval and signature.
  • Staff reimbursement requests must be approved by the Department Head. Department Head reimbursements exceeding $1000.00 must be approved by the appropriate Vice President.
  • All requests must include the full general ledger account number.
  • Travel reimbursements of $100.00 or less may be received in the Business Office via a petty cash reimbursement. Receipts must be attached for all expenditures. Reimbursement requests must have proper approval signatures.
  • Travel advances should be cleared with 15 days of trip completion.