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Admitted Students


Congratulations on your admission to Millsaps College! You’re just a few steps away from being an official Millsaps student, and starting a transformative college experience that will make a MAJOR difference in your life! Simply follow the steps provided below to complete the admissions process – and don’t hesitate to call us directly at 601-974-1050 if you have any questions at all!

Congratulations on being admitted to Millsaps College!

Step 1: Make Your Deposit

In order to secure your place at Millsaps, you will need to submit a $250 enrollment deposit. Click here to quickly and securely complete the deposit process.

Step 2: Get Connected

Major Access is your online resource for just about everything you’ll need as a student at Millsaps. To retrieve your Major Access User ID, click here and then click the "Welcome to Major Access" link.

Step 3: Prepare for Life on Campus

One of the great things about Millsaps is the environment in which you will live, work and study with your fellow students.

Please be sure to complete the following forms:

Other essential steps:



Step 4: Summer Activities

If you are entering Millsaps College as a freshman, you will need to submit a copy of your final high school transcript by the first day of class. If you are entering as a transfer student, please provide copies of all college transcripts from institutions previously attended.

You’ll also want to be on the lookout for information about Millsaps events in your area in the coming months before you start school. These are great opportunities to meet local alumni, current students, College representatives, and your future classmates!

Step 5: Arrival and Orientation

Welcome Weekend (freshmen orientation) will take place August 22-24. Freshmen Move-In Day is August 22.

8 a.m.: 3rd floor - Ezelle, Bacot, and New South
9 a.m.: 2nd floor - Ezelle and Bacot
10 a.m.: 1st Floor - Ezelle and Bacot

Athletes playing fall sports will be contacted directly by their coaches regarding their move in date.

Welcome Weekend is always an exciting time, as new students move onto campus and are formally introduced to college life! You can use our website to begin learning about student life at Millsaps.

We have plenty of information available for parents as well.


We can’t wait to see you on campus!