2016 Foundation Leaders

Foundations is an exciting, interactive program that supports your integration into the Millsaps community with the support of upper-class leaders and an academic advisor. During your first semester at Millsaps, you will participate in weekly group meetings, participate in campus orientation events and get involved with lots of opportunities within the campus and Jackson community. While this program is a graduation requirement for all freshmen, it hardly feels that way, as you’ll establish strong bonds with the other students in your group and the entire freshmen class. Upon completion of this course you will receive credit toward graduation.



When you arrive in August, you will be divided into two randomly assigned groups which will meet through mid-November. During the first part of the semester, meetings will be conducted by your two group leaders and will cover topics such as campus involvement opportunities and transition to college life. These meetings will commence on August 19 and conclude December 1. Starting October 6 through November 17, you will be assigned randomly to one of two groups: Major Health or Cultural Dialogue Circle.

  • The Major Health program is designed to enhance student learning by discussing education, reflection, and goal-setting about the body and health to increase knowledge and awareness of overall health.
  • The Cultural Dialogue Circle program includes weekly discussion groups that will bring together students to discuss their thoughts and experiences with racial and ethnic diversity. The goal of the sessions is not to force a particular perspective, but to better equip students to engage in productive dialogue on campus and in the local community.


Schedule—Foundations Meetings and Activities, Fall 2016

First-Year and Transfer Students

All meeting times are at noon unless otherwise noted by your Foundations Leaders or the schedule.

Aug. 19—Foundations Meeting—5pm

  • Welcome to Millsaps

Aug. 20—Orientation Rotations

  • Major Health (QEP)& Cultural Dialogue Circles Introduction
  • Major Health Pre-Assessments
  • Personal Responsibility, Honor Code, and Code of Conduct

Aug. 20—Foundations Meeting—5:30pm

  • Foundations Overview and Understanding the “Major Call”

Aug. 21—Foundations Meeting—7:30pm

  • Personal and Social Responsibility—Preparing for Classes

Aug. 22—Fourth Night Writing Exercise and Ceremony—7 p.m. (Bowl)

Aug. 24—Student Activities Fair

  • 11:45 am–1 pm (Bowl/Leggett Center)

Aug. 25—Opening Convocation

  • 11:45 am (AC Recital Hall)

Sept. 1—Foundations Meeting

  • Establishing Values and Working with Others

Sept. 8—Foundations Meeting

  • Managing Transitions and Time Management

Sept. 15—Foundations Meeting

  • Developing Your Personal and Leadership Philosophy

Sept. 22—Foundations Meeting

  • Presenting Your Philosophies and Next Steps in Foundations

Sept. 29—Academic Advising Meetings and Foundations Check-In

Oct. 6—Major Health or Cultural Dialogue Circle*

Oct. 13—Major Health or Cultural Dialogue Circle*

Oct. 20—Major Health or Cultural Dialogue Circle*

Oct. 27—Major Health or Cultural Dialogue Circle*

Nov. 3—Academic Advising Meetings and Foundations Check-In

Nov. 7–10—Registration for Spring 2017 Classes

Nov. 10—Major Health or Cultural Dialogue Circle*

Nov. 17—Major Health or Cultural Dialogue Circle*

Nov. 18–29—QEP/CDC  Final Assessments

Dec. 1—Foundations End of the Semester Meeting

Dec. 6—Reading Day

* Major Health and Cultural Dialogue Circles are not required of transfer students.


Contact Us

We are grateful for your participation in the Foundations program. If questions or concerns arise, we invite you to contact Director of Campus Life, Will Takewell, at 601.974.1204 or, or one of the Foundations student directors, Sean Connelly,, Anna Sit,, Leah Travis,, or Sarah Wade,

For specific questions about Major Health, please contact Lori Genous, Director of Health Promotion,

For specific question regarding Cultural Dialogue Circles of the Summer Reading, contact Anita DeRouen,