Summer Orientation


After much thoughtful consideration, we have made the decision to move new student orientation to an online course format. We are planning some in-person programming in August prior to the start of the fall term to help with your transition to campus. Our online program is necessary to protect student health and the broader Millsaps Community. Our goal is that our virtual orientation experience delivers the same quality as traditional in-person sessions. We remain committed to introducing our incoming students and their families to the resources and information they need to be successful at Millsaps.

Participation in the new student orientation online course is mandatory for all incoming first year students. You will engage with campus offices and learn important information on topics including: financial aid, course registration, student services, inclusion, campus involvement, and COVID-19 preparations for the upcoming academic year.


Student Orientation Schedule

Our student Orientations Leaders (OL) are excited to meet you. They will be there to guide you through this content and to help you with your transition to Millsaps. On Monday, June 15, your Orientation Leaders will contact you to begin getting to know you and to help you meet other members of your group.

The online Orientation Course will be hosted on Millsaps Course Connect, the course management program that faculty use in their classes. This will provide an opportunity for you to learn how to effectively use this platform in preparation for your academic career. You will receive your Course Connect login information by email on Monday, June 22, 2020.

You are also encouraged to participate in our Digital Forum Series. There are a number of topics where we know students and families have specific questions and would like real-time interaction with our faculty and staff. You will be able to learn about the Career Center, the Center for Academic Success and Excellence, the Writing Center, international education, athletics, fraternity and sorority life, and other important aspects of your college experience. The full schedule of optional digital forums will be emailed and posted on the Millsaps College website on June 22, 2020.


Parent and Family Information

Parents and family members are welcome to participate in any portion of Summer Orientation. The digital forums are opportunities for you to ask any questions and meet campus professionals.

The Alumni and Parent Relations Office will host a digital forum featuring parents of current family members to discuss the parent and family experience. The schedule of all the live video forums will be sent to your email and posted on the Millsaps website on June 22nd.

All parent and family members are invited to join the Millsaps Parent Facebook page.


Preparing for Orientation

You will meet with your Summer Academic Advisor and register for fall classes during orientation. To prepare for this academic advising session, please complete the following steps within two weeks of attending orientation:

STEP 1—Send any official dual enrollment transcripts to Millsaps College Admissions Department. To do this, you will need to contact the college or university that you attended to have an official transcript sent. Questions regarding this process can be directed to our Director of Enrollment Operations, Tammy Champion.

STEP 2—Complete any necessary non-native language placement tests. If you have taken 3 or more French, Latin, or Spanish courses in the past, take the appropriate language placement test (links below). Be sure to read the directions carefully before beginning the test.

Directions: Once you log in you will have limited time to take the exam. You may only take the exam once. Be sure to hit the "Finish" and "Confirm Finish" buttons after taking the exam. Once your score is tabulated, you will receive an email with your language placement.

Placement tests:

If you have any questions or concerns about academic advising, please feel free to contact Academic Advising and Student Support via email,, or phone, 601.974.1123.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is orientation? 

The college experience at Millsaps College begins with Summer Orientation and Registration. All new incoming first year students are expected to participate in orientation. Orientation has been designed to assist you in developing an understanding about the transition you will make to your collegiate environment and to enhance your success in college. 

International and transfer students will participate in a specialized orientation and registration program.

Who may attend? 

All new, students who have been admitted for the Fall 2020 semester are eligible to participate in summer orientation. Parents, spouses, and family are also able to participate in a parallel orientation.

Am I required to complete the whole program? 

Yes, students must participate throughout the entire orientation to register for classes.

What about parents and families? Is this mandatory for us? 

Parent and family participation is OPTIONAL. We would love for you to experience orientation alongside your student, and we will have a program prepared just for you, but it is not required of our students’ parents or family members.


Orientation Staff

Professional Staff

Molly Ross, Director of the Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership (SAIL) Center
Phone: 601.974.1204 | Email: 
Molly can answer all questions related to Orientation programs!

Dr. Jennifer Lewton-Yates, Director of Academic Advising and Student Support
601.974.1327 | Email:
Jennifer can answer all questions related to academic advising and course registration.