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Transfer Student Info

Why is Millsaps College the BEST fit for Transfer Students?


1. You Will Be Known, and Mentored by our World Class Faculty
With a student/faculty ratio of 9-to-1 our faculty will get to know you as soon as you arrive. Our average class size is 14, so the classroom experience focuses on digging into the material through discussion and research in a way you won't find at larger institutions. Acceptance rates to graduate schools, especially medical and law schools, show that the Millsaps faculty prepare our students for the real world in ways that are unparalleled by any other college or university in our region. At larger schools, transfer students can miss out on making important connections that will ensure their future success.

2. You Don't Just Learn It, You Live It
In today's market, real-world experience is valued just as highly as academic excellence. Our faculty and career development staff work year-round to connect our students with internship and job opportunities that will provide rich community engaged learning. Whether it's shadowing doctors and nurses at the University of Mississippi Medical Center across the street or working at a state government agency, our students are having a direct impact on the Jackson community while simultaneously supplementing their education with hands-on opportunities.

3. Your Perspective Matters
Our commitment to diversity is central to Millsaps' core identity. Our students come from a range of generational, geographic, ethnic, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. Transfers offer a unique perspective that is crucial to the vibrancy and vitality of our campus. With past experiences at state, private, and community colleges, your maturity and perspectives play an important role in Millsaps' campus life and the classroom experience. 

4. Your Future is Secure
With an alumni population eager to help Millsaps students, it's no wonder that our students are securing jobs and spots in top grad schools. Recent acceptance rates to medical school and law school are double the national average.

5. Our Reputation Precedes Us
When we say we blow our competitors out of the water, we mean it. Millsaps College ranked in the US News & World Report's America's Best College issue among the top 100 schools on a list of 251 nationwide. Speaking to our faculty-student connection, our faculty was ranked twelfth nation-wide in the Princeton Review. We are also recognized as one of 40 schools included in the book Colleges That Change Lives for our efforts not only to educate our students but to have an active and meaningful impact on their lives. Recently, our Else School of Management's MBA program was ranked by CEO Magazine as a Global Super MBA program and one of 20 tier-one programs in North America.



We value our transfer students so much that we offer guaranteed admission and scholarships to qualified transfer students who apply to Millsaps College.

While all students who have completed college-level work are encouraged to apply, all students with at least a 3.2 GPA and 30 transferrable credit hours are guaranteed admission to Millsaps PLUS at least $15,000 in scholarship funds.

Millsaps College recognizes the hard work of our partners in Phi Theta Kappa, so PTK members with a GPA of 3.5 and 30 transferrable hours are eligible for at least $18,000 in scholarship funds.

That's a MAJOR statement about our commitment to transfer students!


So what can you do now?

Start your application!


We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Stephen Smith, Admissions Counselor and Transfer Student Liaison
Phone: (601)974-1051