Alumni Awards

Distinguished Alumnus/a Award Program

The true measure of a college's greatness can be found in the achievements of its alumni. Millsaps College is known to develop leaders in many fields of endeavor. A vast number of the College's alumni have gained distinction through success in their professions, service to the College, and contribution to their communities. The College and the Millsaps Alumni Association established the Alumni Awards Program in 1950 to honor outstanding former students and to celebrate their achievements.

Purpose and Philosophy

The purpose of the Alumni Awards Program is to recognize the College's alumni who have made significant contributions to society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations, and careers have honored the tradition of excellence at Millsaps College.

The Distinguished Alumnus/a Award and Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award do more than honor their recipients. They also further illustrate the impact of the academic and community-based learning at Millsaps College and increase the pride all alumni, students, staff, and faculty have for the College. The awards program recognizes those men and women who demonstrate the power of the Millsaps experience to the people of Mississippi, the nation and the world.

Criteria for Selection

Distinguished Alumnus/a recipients will be accomplished in three distinct areas as outlined below. This distinction will be reflective of Millsaps College's core values - dedication to academic excellence, open inquiry and free expression, the exploration of faith to inform vocation, and the innovative shaping of the social, economic and cultural progress of our region. The three areas are:

  • Professional Achievement: Recipients have distinguished themselves in their professional lives through leadership and innovation.
  • Service to Society: The recipient exhibits a commitment to improving the lives of others through volunteer efforts.
  • Service and Support to Millsaps College: The recipient demonstrates support for Millsaps College through engagement in the life of the college by giving of their time, talent and resources.

The Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award shall be presented to an alumnus or alumna of Millsaps College who has shown promise in his or her chosen profession or in service to the broader community and has demonstrated a continuing loyalty, support and advocacy for the college. The recipient shall be within 15 years of his or her graduation from the college. 

Eligible Nominees

Eligible nominees will have been enrolled in a full-time regular course of study at Millsaps College for a minimum of two years. Employees of the College, current members of the Alumni Association's Board of Directors and the college's Board of Trustees are not eligible during their term of employment or volunteer service. These awards are given for outstanding achievement and no compromises diminishing the significance of the awards will be made.

Method of Nomination

Nominations may be made for a Distinguished Alumnus/a Award or Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award by any of the following individuals or groups below:

  • Any member of the Millsaps Alumni Association or its affiliate organizations, i.e., a Millsaps Chapter
  • Any member of the college administration, faculty or staff
  • Any Millsaps College alumnus or alumna

Nominations will be accepted using the following guidelines:

1. Complete and submit the Award Nomination Form.

2. In addition to completing and submitting the Award Nomination Form (required), nominators are encouraged to provide supporting items that further distinguish the nominee. Such items include, but are not limited to:

  • Nomination Form completed by the nominator (required)
  • Three letters of support from non-family members that specifically address the criteria. (required)
  • Current biography or curriculum vitae for the individual
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Personal stories
  • Award or certification of achievement
  • Other items of interest

3. Nomination forms will be held for each individual for a period of five years. If an individual is not selected for the award, his or her award nomination form may be updated and renewed by the original or other appropriate nominator for consideration in a subsequent year. The Millsaps Alumni Association will contact nominators for annual renewals.

4. No limitation will be placed on the total number of nominations accepted for consideration.

Method of Award Recipient Selection

The Millsaps Alumni Association Board of Directors will use the following guidelines for the Award Recipient Selection:

  • The President of the Alumni Association will appoint five alumni members to a selection committee.
  • The Selection committee will collect submitted nominations which will be reviewed and validated.
  • The committee will submit three nominations as finalists to the full board for voting.

The following awards may be given annually: the Distinguished Alumnus/a Award, the Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award and Jim Livesay Service Awards. The Alumni Association Board of Directors must approve additional recipients.

Announcement and Recognition

The Alumni Association will announce honorees in advance of the Alumni Awards dinner and honor each recipient at that event. 

*James J. Livesay 1950

*Robert D. Moreton 1984-85

*Dr. Charles L. Neill 1951

Evaline Khayat Kruse 1985-86

*Edward A. Khayat 1953

*Robert M. Mayo 1986-87

*Gilbert P. Cook, Sr. 1954

William Lamar Weems 1987-88

*William J. Caraway 1955

*Bishop H. Ellis Finger 1988-89

*Rubel L. Phillips 1956

J. Murray Underwood 1989-90

Roy C. Clark 1957

*John H. Christmas 1991

*Webster M. Buie 1958

William T. Jeanes 1992

*Dr. Thomas G. Ross 1959

*Willard Palmer 1993

Nat S. Rogers 1960

J. William Carroll 1994

*A. Boyd Campbell 1961

*Charles M. Deaton 1995

C.R. Ridgway III 1962

Rev. David A. McIntosh 1996

*John T. Kimball 1963

William F. Goodman, Jr. 1997

*Dr. Ross Henderson Moore 1964

Jeanne Burnet Luckett 1998

*Robert Estes Blount 1965

Raymond S. Martin, Jr. 1999

*William E. Barksdale 1966

Jack L. Woodward 2000

*Dr. Otis Singletary 1967

Ellen Gilchrist 2001

*Dr. James S. Ferguson 1968

*Dr. A.W. "Wally" Conerly 2002

*Rev. Garland H. Holloman 1969

Randall Pinkston 2003

*John Lambert Neill 1970

Nina Cunningham Redding 2004

*Joseph Eason Wroten 1971

Dr. Hiram C. Polk, Jr. 2005

*George B. Pickett 1972

Mary Bentley Mills 2006

*Charles Norman Bradley 1973

Dr. T.W. Lewis III 2007

*Julian B. Feibelman 1974

Else (Mia) Aurbakken Adjali 2008

Julian D. Prince 1975

Dr. Samuel L. Jones 2009

Gayle Graham Yates 1976

C. Wayne Dowdy 2010

*Dr. John Stone 1977

Reverend Ed King 2011

Dorothy Ford Bainton 1978

Reverend Luther Ott 2012

*General Louis H. Wilson 1979

Reverend Keith Tonkel 2013

*Martha Wilson Gerald 1980

Andy Mullins 2014

*Merrill Odom Hines 1981

Steve McAlilly - 2015
*Marsha McCarty Wells (posthumous)

David Donald 1982

Jeanne Middleton Hairston - 2016

*Magnolia Simpson Coullet 1983-84

Joe and Polly Bailey - 2017

* Deceased.


Distinguished Alumnus/a and Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Nomination Form


The Jim Livesay Service Awards

The Livesay Award honors the spirit of commitment in which Jim Livesay (1920-2001) served the College as an alumnus, a member of the College administration, and as a volunteer. At his retirement in 1987, a group of alumni estabished the Jim Livesay Award to honor him. Alumni President Dr. Lynda Lee awarded the first Livesay to him, saying "the Livesay Award will be given each year in recognition of outstanding service and dedication to Millsaps College. The recipient should exhibit a spirit of volunteerism, leadership and support that its namesake has exemplified." 

In response to receiving the first Livesay award, Jim Livesay said; "Millsaps fed my mind and liberated my spirit. Millsaps deepened and never let me forget concern for my fellow man, lifted up justice and compassion as essential to life, gave me courage - for it is indeed a courageous college."

Past and Present Recipients




*H.V. Allen

David "Bo" Carter

Johnny Brewer

Don Fortenberry

Lynn Blanton Clark

*Fred J. Ezelle

Jeanne Burnet Luckett

Robert W. Donaldson

George B. Pickett Jr.

Sarah Posey Smith

*Mildred Clegg Rhea

Flora Mae Arant Womack




William J. Crosby

Tom Hamrick

Glen A. Cain

Bill Croswell

Lynda G. Lee

*Nellie Khayat Hederi

Ward Emling

Don Mitchell

Raymond S. Martin

Mary Lee Busby Livesay

Mary Sue McDonnell Mitchell

Jack L. Woodward


*Charles Sewell





Gene R. Barrett

Connie Campbell

Henry Chatham

*Alvis T. Hunt

Doug Minor

Floy Simpson Holloman

J. Mack Varner

Betty Hewes Scott

Seetha A. Srinivason

Penny Sanders Varner


John Lewis Sullivan


Nancy Boyd Sullivan




*Katherine Lefoldt

Brad Chism

Frances H. Coker

Arthur Liles

A. Boyd Campbell II

Xavier M. Frascogna

Melanie Bartling Liles

Jean Nicholson Medley

Judy Glidewell

David Marsh

T.W. Lewis III

Russell Glidewell

Jeanette D. Pullen


Dr. Billy L. Walker, Sr.




Leila Clark Wynn

James R. Cavett

*William O. Carter Jr.

Daniel T. Keel  III

*Ruma Haque (posthumous recipient)

Janet W. Gildermaster

Dr. Vonda G. Reeves-Darby

Jeanne Middleton-Hairston

Justice James E. Graves Jr.


Lem E. Mitchell

Karen Ezelle Redhead


Alice Rhea Mitchell





Mark D. Herbert

Betsy L. Bradley

Dee Morris Chambliss

Col. Kenneth D. McRae

Jane Hildebrand

Melinda Hendrix

Rosemary B. McRae

Price C. Hildebrand

Steve Hendrix

Dr. John D. Wofford

Tom R. Shima

Dr. V.A. Jones Whitley




*Martha C. (Twick) Morrison

Rev. Shannon  Manning

Kay Barksdale

Bruce and Ann Bartling

Ward Van Skiver

William Jeanes

Joe and Polly Bailey

Frank L. Ezelle

Hugh Parker




Luran Buchanan

Maud De Les Lancaster

Sam Cole

David Loper

William and Marti Sorey


Sparky and Catherine Wells






Gene Ainsworth

Alan Ferguson

Chris Cheek ‘85

Chat Lenhart

Eugene Countiss

Carl and Judy Menist (parents)




Holly ‘91 and Alan ‘93 Lange





The Jim Livesay Service Award Winners


Brad Chism - 2000 Livesay Award Winner

Reprinted from the 2000 Alumni Awards Program.

Brad Chism ('82), Rhodes Scholar, talented football player and student body president, continues to demonstrate an active passion for Millsaps College. Recently completing two terms as president of the M Club, Brad has led the way in increasing interest, enthusiasm, and financial support for athletics at Millsaps. Carving out time from his duties as Executive Director of Jackson Medical Mall Foundation, Brad is a frequent spectator at sporting contests on campus; hosts social events for team, coaches and alumni; actively solicits corporations and foundations for gifts; and provides wise counsel to the Department of Athletics. He now sits on the M Club Council as an ex-officio member. Brand and his wife Julie are the parents of a son and a daughter, William and Salem.



A. Boyd Campbell II - 2000 Livesay Award Winner

Reprinted from the 2000 Alumni Award Program

Boyd, a third generation Campbell attending Millsaps, received a B.B.A. Working at Missco Corporation while in college and assuming a marketing position after graduation kept Boyd busy for several years. In 1993 he returned to Millsaps to develop his artistic skills and continued to develop his passion for theatre. He has contributed an extraordinary amount of time and expertise to help the Millsaps Players and the threatre department produce professional quality plays. Boyd routinely handles lighting, design and complicated makeup, while also assisting with sound design. Combining his business background with his love of the performing arts, Boyd became an entrepreneur, establishing an electronic magazine and online catalog company.



Jean Nicholson Medley - 2000 Livesay Award Winner

Jean Nicholson Medley, Who’s Who and Dean’s List, was an active and popular student while at Millsaps. Serving on the Millsaps Arts & Lecture Board, Second Century of Light Planning Committee and her reunion committee are the ways she continues to support her alma mater. Finding time to serve on the Millsaps Alumni Council as its President for two years, Jean is a loving supporter of various Millsaps events. Elected as an Alumna member of ODK, Jean always shares her wise and constant advice. Jean is a psychiatric social worker at St. Dominic Hospital, and has been very active in Parents for Public Schools. She and her husband, Tim, are the parents of William, Andrew, and Kate.



Dr. T. W. Lewis - 2000 Livesay Award Winner

Reprinted from the 2000 Alumni Awards Program.

The call to leadership and service characterizes T.W. Lewis, and we see its evidence through dedication to his church, college, and community. T.W. Lewis was a Professor of Religion at Millsaps from 1964 to 1996, and has served as chair of the Religion Department, as well as president of the Faculty Council. In 1979, he was named Millsaps Distinguished Professor.

He and his wife Julia have been long-time supporters of the Annual Fund. His leadership to his community and start were most evident when he served as the 1988 Chair of the Mississippi Humanities Council. As a member of the executive committee of the Center for Ministry at Millsaps, T.W. has been a major contributor to the design of the Center and has served as a vital link between the Church and the College in defining the mission of the Center.

T.W. and his wife Julia, a 1954 Millsaps graduate, are parents of Thomas Richmond ('87) and Catherine May (’86).



Leila Clark Wynn - 2002 Livesay Award Winner

Reprinted from the 2002 Alumni Awards Program

Leila Wynn of Greenville has been an active supporter of the College and its mission for many years. She joined the Millsaps Board of Trustees in 1986, where she served as co-chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. Upon the expiration of her term as a Trustee, Wynn was named a Life Trustee, an honor currently held by only a handful of Millsaps devotees. She has been instrumental in supporting the Straddlefork Lectures and the Writer-In-Residence program at Millsaps, and has graciously hosted prospective Millsaps students in her Greenville home in conjunction with the popular Millsaps Nights program. In addition to her work at Millsaps, Wynn serves as Chair of the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Director of the Greenville Community Counseling Center, and Trustee of the Mississippi chapter of The Nature Conservancy. Wynn is the mother of four children, including Millsaps alumni Maggie Wynn Fortier (’79), Martha Wynn Weissinger (’81), and Billy Wynn (’00).



Dr. James R. Cavett Jr. - 2003 Livesay Award Winner

 Reprinted from the 2003 Alumni Awards Program.

James Cavett ('41) embodies the highest Millsaps ideals of service, scholarship, and fellowship. After growing up only a few blocks away from Millsaps, Cavett, a pre-med student, graduated from Millsaps in 1941. He was then accepted into the Navy V-12 medical program, graduating from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1945. After serving as a commissioned medical officer with the U.S. Navy for three years, he returned to Jackson to practice general medicine. He served as the Millsaps College physician from 1948 to 1959, and again from 1961 to 1988. Additionally, Cavett has helped to organize lively reunions of Millsaps alumni of the 1930s and 1940s at the Colonial Country Club since 1997. Cavett is married to Clara Porter Cavett (’44). They are the parents of Lucy Cobbe (’68), Dr. Clinton Cavett (’70) and Dr. James “Rick” Cavett III.



Daniel T. Keel III - 2002 Livesay Award Winner

Reprinted from the 2002 Alumni Awards Program

Dan Keel ('84) of Memphis has provided invaluable insight to the College both as an advisor and friend. Keel sits on the advisory board of the Else School of Management and also serves on the newly formed Millsaps Planned Giving Advisory Group. An active M-Club member, he has hosted Millsaps Sports Nights for prospective students with the Office of Admissions. He has also worked with the Office of Alumni Relations to foster increased alumni activities in the Memphis area. Managing Director of the Equity Capital Markets Group at Morgan Keegen & Co., Inc., Keel is a Certified Investment Management Analyst. He is a member of The Leadership Academy (a Goals for Memphis Initiative), is a current class member of Leadership Memphis, and is on the Board of Directors of Ballet Memphis and The Urban Art Commission.



Dr. Vonda G. Reeves-Darby - 2002 Livesay Award Winner

Reprinted from the 2002 Alumni Awards Program

Vonda Reeves-Darby ('78) of Jackson exemplifies the Livesay Service Award as an alumna who has gone beyond the call of duty in her efforts for the College. Despite professional demands as a gastroenterologist and personal commitments as a mother of four, she has given tirelessly of her time, energy, and experience. Her service includes four years on the Alumni Council and membership on the Council’s Executive Committee where she has provided strong leadership and creative ideas for new initiatives. As a Chair of the Alumni Council Career Development Committee, Reeves-Darby helped plan and participated in the first and second annual Alumni Networking Dinners, at which alumni meet with current students to answer questions and give advice about career in their field. Her impact as a role model for students was also highlighted during the inaugural Millsaps Medical Connections Weekend in Spring 2001. Reeves-Darby has also emerged as a strong supporter of the new Faith and Work Initiative, which is devoted to helping Millsaps students find and explore their calling in life.



Dr. Jeanne Middleton-Hairston - 2003 Livesay Award Winner

Reprinted from the 2003 Alumni Awards Program.

Jeanne Middleton-Hairston ('71) has made many contributions to the Millsaps community as a professor, colleague and civic leader. Middleton-Hairston joined the faculty in 1978 and went on to serve as the chair of the department of education for 11 years. In 1992, she founded the Millsaps Principals’ Institute, a program that continues to provide professional development and continuing education for school principals and assistant principals. She has provided valuable guidance both as a director of the Millsaps Ford Teaching Fellow Program and on the College’s Strategic Planning Initiative group. Co-author of the award-winning Mississippi history text book Mississippi: Conflict and Change, Middleton-Hairston has served on the board of trustees of Leadership Jackson, including serving as chair of the board. She is married to James M. Hairston Jr., and has two daughters, Johnie Valeska and Valara Jeanne Forsythe, and a stepson, J.R. Hairston.



Betsy L. Bradley - 2006 Livesay Award Winner

Reprinted from the 2006 Alumni Awards Program.

Betsy Bradley is a shining example of the ideals of service and community involvement that are the hallmarks of the College's most outstanding alumni. Appointed Director of the Mississippi Museum of Art in 2001, she oversees the museum in Jackson and its 14 statewide affiliates. Since arriving at the museum, she has acquired federal funding for an award-winning after-school partnership with the Jackson Zoo, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, and Rowan Middle School; she has launched monthly jazz and multi-disciplinary community programs; and she has secured state bonding authority and a city lease for a new museum building.

Prior to this, during her 10-year tenure with the Mississippi Arts Commission - the largest grants-making organization for the arts in the state - she moved up the ranks from community arts director to deputy director to executive director. Under her leadership, the commission's Whole Schools program grew to serve 26 schools statewide and received national recognition, including a $1 million leadership award from the U.S. Department of Education.

Betsy, who earned a B.A. in English from Millsaps and an M.A. in literature from Vanderbilt University, is involved in numerous volunteer activities. She currently serves on the board of directors of Americans for the Arts and has served on the board of the National Assembly of State Art Agencies, the Southern Arts Federation, and a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts. She has chaired the boards of the Mississippi Center for Nonprofits and the Jackson Servant Leadership Corps.

In addition to her career and civic duties, Bradley has given freely of her time and expertise to Millsaps College, its students and alumni, for many years. She is a past president of the Millsaps Arts & Lecture Series board, where she currently serves on the Advisory Committee. A former Alumni Council member, she is also a longstanding participant on the alumni panel for Admissions Scholars Days. For the past few years, Bradley has served as a caring and conscientious mentor to Millsaps students interested in Arts Administration through the Faith & Work Initiative's Lilly Internship program.



Col. Kenneth D. and Mrs. Rosemary B. McRae - 2005 Livesay Award Winners

Reprinted from the 2005 Alumni Awards Program

Ken and Rosemary McRae have shown great commitment to the Millsaps community for the past several years through service to the Parents’ Council. The couple has served on the council since spring 2002 and led the organization as co-presidents in 2002-2003. Their boundless energy and enthusiasm for the College are infectious, and they appear regularly on campus, volunteering to help with events ranging from Move-In Day in August to the Parent Thank-a-thon each spring. Ken is the president of McRae Enterprises, a business coaching, consulting and management company in Birmingham, Alabama.

He is also a colonel in the Alabama Army National Guard, presently serving as the chief contracting officer for the 167th Theatre Support Command. He will retire from the National Guard in June with more than 33 years of service. His civic and other volunteer activities include serving as past district director for Dixie Youth Baseball, covering 13 counties in East Central Alabama, and past chair of the Industrial Development Board for the city of Irondale, Alabama.

>Rosemary, who was named Businesswoman of the Year by the American Businesswoman Association, manages a woman’s fitness center in Irondale. A member of the parks and recreation board for the city, she is also very active in local politics and the local elementary, middle and high schools. Ken and Rosemary are the parents of David McRae (’04) and Michael McRae (’07).



Price and Jane Hildebrand - 2006 Livesay Award Winners

Reprinted from the 2006 Alumni Awards Program.

The parents of Taylor ('04) and Emily ('06) Hildebrand, Price and Jane are perennial supporters of Millsaps College. Both are deeply committed to education. Price, the founder and president of Precision Tech and Senior Partners, spent more than 15 years as an active member of the PTA in his children's schools, serving as president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and Booster Club president. He was also a longtime scout master for the Cub Scouts.

Jane, who has taught second grade in the Jackson Public School System for the past 28 years, was named Teacher of the Year in 1993 by Parents for Public Schools. As members of the Millsaps Parents Council for four years and co-presidents for 2005-2006, Price and Jane have led the council in organizing and implementing annual events such as open houses for parents of incoming students, sharing their experiences in dynamic, open conversations.

The Hildebrands have served as invaluable volunteer resources to the entire campus community, namely with student recruitment and Greek organizations, providing willing and energetic assistance wherever needed. In addition, Jane has supported the College's Education Department by consistently serving as a JPS supervising teacher for Millsaps teacher candidates, welcoming a student teacher to her classroom each year. Over the course of her teaching career, she has shared her passion and expertise with 17 student teachers, 15 of whom were Millsaps students.



Tom Shima - 2006 Livesay Award Winner

Reprinted from the 2006 Alumni Awards Program

Tom has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership of and support for Millsaps College. He entered the College in 1983 with the time-honored family belief that "you attend Millsaps not to learn how to make a living, but to learn how to live." He graduated in 1987 with a B.A. in sociology and a minor in fine arts. While at Millsaps, he was active in Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity as president, treasurer, and building chairman. He also served as a student senator, was a member of the honorary leadership fraternity Omicron Delta Kappa, and was named to the Dean's List.

Shima kicked off his impressive professional career with the CBS News Election and Survey Unit in New York City, conducting nationwide statistical field research for the 1988 presidential election. He then accepted a job in sales and began a 10-year career developing and expanding international markets in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe for three U.S. poultry producers.

He has worked in technology sales in the Washington, D.C., area, serving as an account manager and international sales representative for several global concerns, including SAVVIS Communications, UUNET Technologies, and Cable & Wireless America, and as a territory sales manager for Acronis, Inc., an award-winning software company with offices in Virginia and San Francisco.

In addition to his professional work, Shima has served as the membership chair for the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council, and as a sergeant and administrative specialist for the United States Army reserve in Jackson. Continuing his commitment to Millsaps long after graduation, he has served as the charter president of the Alumni Association's Washington, D.C. area chapter since its inception in May 2003, giving tirelessly of his time and energy to organize, maintain, and improve this group. Tom is also a member of the College's Alumni and Parents Subcommittee.



Luran Buchanan - 2011 Livesay Award Winner

Luran Buchanan ('63) is a native of Prentiss, Mississippi. She graduated from Millsaps with a Bachelors of Arts in English. She served as the Special Events Coordinator for the Office of Institutional Advancement for 17 years, and was the Executive Director of the Millsaps Arts & Lecture Series. Luran taught high school English in Atlanta, Georgia, and Jackson, Mississippi, and was a freelance writer for Mississippi Educational Television. During her 25 years as a local realtor, Luran was named Jackson Realtor-Associate of the Year. An avid supporter of Millsaps, Luran has been a board member of the Arts & Lecture Series since 1973; she also served as President of the Arts & Lecture Board.

A member of Wells United Methodist Church, Luran is also a former member and officer of the Goodwill Auxiliary and the Mississippi Symphony League. She volunteers at Hospice of Central Mississippi and the Animal Rescue League.

Since retiring from Millsaps, Luran has served as a volunteer on campus committees, provided hospitality to honored guests, and served as a wonderful ambassador for Millsaps College.

Luran is married to John T. "Buddy" Buchanan ('62). Her hobbies include crossword puzzles, reading, biking, rescuing dogs, yoga, and saying yes to Millsaps.



David Loper - 2011 Livesay Award Winner

David M. Loper ('86) is a senior attorney at Protective Life Corporation's headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, where he advises the life insurance division and supervises litigation. Prior to Protective Life, David was a partner/shareholder at a medium sized law firm in Birmingham where he tried cases and argued appeals to the Alabama Supreme Court and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. He graduated from Millsaps College in 1986, worked in the College Admissions Office for two years and then attended Tulane Law School where he graduated in 1991. He was hired as an associate at the Jackson, MS law firm of Thomas, Price, Alston, Jones and Davis where he worked with many Millsaps graduates, before accepting a job in Birmingham in 1994. He is admitted to practice law in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

He is currently on the Board of Directors for The Exceptional Foundation (which provides services to Birmingham's disabled community) and also Birmingham AIDS Outreach and previously served on the Board of Directors for the Alabama Ballet and the Parish Council at St. Paul's Catholic Cathedral. He served as President of the Alabama Stonewall Democrats and also served a term as the National Alumni Association President for Millsaps.

David has run 4 marathons, taught all of his nieces and a nephew how to water ski and survived Leadership Birmingham's Class of 2008. His father Gene Loper ('53), who passed away in 1993, also graduated from Millsaps. David has been a tireless advocate and an enthusiastic supporter of Millsaps College.