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Dining Services


Welcome to Millsaps Dining Services! You can find us in two locations in the A. Boyd Campbell College Center, as well as our newest location on the southern side of campus. The Caf' (cafeteria) is located on the College Center's main floor, and Kava House (coffee shop) is located on the lower level; Reuben's is located next door to the Writing Center.


"Chef Dave" Woodward
Meet the Dining Services Staff

The Caf' is a food court concept that offers "all you can eat" from various food types. These include the Grill Company, Traditions, Sweet Sensations, Deli Depot, Trends, Garden Club, Campbells Soup bar and the Oasis.


View Kava House Menu (PDF)

Kava House offers a place to chill out, play board games, shoot pool, watch television on the big screen or just visit with friends. Students on the meal plan may choose to pick up an "Outtakes" meal to eat later. For the cash customer we offer Community Coffee, sandwiches, burgers and fries. Check out Kava House on Instagram and Kava House on Twitter!


View Reuben's Menu (PDF)

Reuben's offers appetizers, pizza, sandwiches, etc., for students, faculty, and staff. Open late, Reuben's is a great place to study, meet up with friends, or just enjoy a break. Check out Reuben's on Twitter!


For more information, contact us by email at Dining Services or call 601-974-1240.