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Organizing a Millsaps College Event

If you are organizing an event, please remember the following two steps to ensure you get full support:

1. Secure a date, book a room, and other logistics:

a. Contact the Office of Event Scheduling and Conferences: eventscheduling@millsaps.edu.
b. Take care of your request online or via email: http://www.millsaps.edu/administrative_offices/event_scheduling_request_a_space.php.
c. View the internal (viewable on campus only) Event Scheduling and Conferences calendar: http://mdu.millsaps.edu. (You must login to access.) Easy instructions: http://www.millsaps.edu/administrative_offices/event_scheduling_request_a_space.php

2. Publicize your event to the public:

a. Email floydnl@millsaps.edu and webupdates@millsaps.edu with the following information to make sure your event is shared on the Public Events Calendar:
      • Name of event.
      • Date and time.
      • Location.
      • Description of event.
      • Cost (if any).
      • Host/speaker information, including bios or other promotional materials, and a high-resolution photo (if available). Contact Sophie Wolf, wolfsm@millsaps.edu, with any photography requests.
      • Open to the public?
      • Contact information for event coordinator, including name, phone number, and email address.
      • Departmental sponsor of event (if any).
You may also provide this information online by filling out the Office of Communications and Marketing's Project Request Form: http://www.millsaps.edu/administrative_offices/communications_office_project_request_form.php

b. If you would like to request photography during/related to your event, please contact Sophie Wolf, wolfsm@millsaps.edu, or complete http://www.millsaps.edu/administrative_offices/communications_office_project_request_form.php.  

c. If your event will need additional publicity/promotion (press release, print materials, social media promotion, etc.), please email Nell Floyd, floydnl@millsaps.edu, or complete http://www.millsaps.edu/administrative_offices/communications_office_project_request_form.php


To keep up with the many events on the Millsaps Campus, please find information on the following calendars: