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Recruiting the Millsaps Community

Some students flourish at Millsaps and really have their lives changed here, while others might as well be (or might better be) somewhere else.  Some who would flourish at Millsaps do not come here because they don't know enough about Millsaps or can't afford it.  The aim of this proposal is to enhance our community by recruiting more of the people that Millsaps is really good for and who are really good for Millsaps, whoever and wherever they are.  (The primary focus of this proposal is students, but we could develop ways of enhancing faculty and staff recruitment in the same spirit.)  We would focus more on effective uses of the content of our programs (that is, projecting what we do as a learning, serving, and playing community to our best prospectives) and appropriate mobilization of alumni as well as the technical side of marketing and financial aid.  This effort would be inseparable from ongoing discernment of the activities that are best for Millsaps; thus, this proposal is related to proposals for expanded programs in the arts and other areas.  But this proposal puts first the question "Who do we really want here?" and goes from there to the questions "What should such people be able to do here?" and "How will we get them here?"

Contact person:  Steven Smith

For a PDF of the proposal, click here.

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